SCADA Communications

Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion


SCADA is a control and management system utilized in the water management, electric power, and manufacturing industries. These systems collect then forward data to networked equipment to allow for analysis and process automation. At every step of the way, wireless routers and gateways connect to these vital data collection points to transmit information across private networks. USAT will provide the rugged devices and secure networks your operations need.
Secure and Reliable SCADA Networking Solutions for Electric Utilities

Cellular Communications for SCADA Systems

Cellular networks are increasingly being used as a means of communication for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems across multiple industries and applications including electric and power utilities, oil and gas companies, fire and rescue departments, manufacturing plants, and more.

The benefits of utilizing cellular networks for SCADA communications are many:

  • Wider coverage: Cellular networks provide a wider coverage area than traditional wired communication methods, making them ideal for remote SCADA systems located in areas where wired communication infrastructure may not be available or practical.
  • Reliability: Cellular networks provide a high degree of reliability for SCADA communications, with redundant network infrastructure and backup power sources to ensure that communication is maintained even in the event of power outages or other disruptions.
  • Security: Cellular networks offer secure communication channels, with data encryption and authentication measures that help ensure the privacy and integrity of SCADA data.
  • Scalability: Cellular networks are highly scalable, with the ability to add or remove devices as needed without requiring significant infrastructure changes. This makes them ideal for growing SCADA systems that require additional communication capacity over time.
  • Cost-effective: Cellular networks can be a cost-effective solution for SCADA communications, especially in remote or hard-to-reach locations where the cost of building and maintaining wired infrastructure may be prohibitively high.

Overall, cellular networks provide a reliable, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solution for SCADA communications, enabling remote monitoring and control of industrial processes in a wide range of settings. As cellular network technology continues to evolve and improve, it is likely that their importance for SCADA communications will only continue to grow.

SCADA systems depend on uninterrupted communications from control centers to the various sensors, PLCs, and RTUs that comprise your organization’s technology infrastructure. Consider USAT your expert source for the communications devices and networks you'll need to improve your operations.
Rugged Cellular Devices for SCADA Communications

Ruggedized Routers and Gateways

Many SCADA-based operations have a myriad of points along their operational chains that exist in rural, remote, or otherwise harsh conditions. The IoT-Enabled routers and gateways they use need to be able to stand up through punishing environments and maintain consistent connections to their networks. USAT offers a wide range of ruggedized communications devices perfect for SCADA deployments in both the factory and field.


Secure Device Management

As a value added reseller of IoT-enabled gateways, USAT also has access to secure cloud based software applications. We can set your organization up with the cloud software you'll need to easily and effectively manage your devices and the data they collect. Reach out to to USAT for your communications needs to learn how we can provide the hardware, software, and data services your SCADA operations need for optimal functionality.

Device Management Platforms for SCADA Communications

Private and Gated Networks

Data security is paramount in water, power, manufacturing and other industrial applications that utilize SCADA systems. To add security to your operations, USAT offers gated and semi-gated data networks through our Express M2M data plan offerings, as well as Private LTE systems like Motorola Nitro. We can provide your organization the devices and the secure networks they use to communicate. Reach out to us today to develop a complete SCADA solution with one of our communications experts.

NEMA Enclosures for SCADA Applications

NEMA Enclosures

Our standard communications enclosures for SCADA-based applications typically feature a ruggedized gateway, outdoor antenna, power adapter, RF cabling, and back-up battery's. Our NEMA boxes can also include items like solar photovoltaic arrays for off-grid power, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote terminal units (RTUs such as the ACE3600) for sensor data management and automation controls, LoRaWAN® sensors, relays, and other devices to meet your SCADA-based needs.

NEMA Enclosures for SCADA Applications
SCADA Communications Infographic
Reach out to USAT to equip your systems with the IoT-enabled cellular and LoRaWAN® communications devices and sensor networks your SCADA systems need to function optimally.

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