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Digi International

Branch Routers

IoT Routers

Mobile Routers



Sierra Wireless

5G Routers

Branch Routers

IoT Routers

Mobile Routers


Red Lion Controls

FlexEdge Routers

FlexEdge Accessories

Cellular Routers

Ethernet Switches

Products by SKU

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AT&T FirstNet Sim Card 2FF

AT&T LTE Sim Card 2FF


Brother Car Power Adapter

Brother PocketJet PJ722

Brother PocketJet PJ723

Brother PocketJet PJ762

Brother PocketJet PJ763

Brother PocketJet PJ763MFI

Brother PocketJet PJ773

Brother PocketJet USB Cable


Calamp Fusion 4G LTE Router

Calamp Guardian Serial Radio Modem

CalAmp Integra-TR Wireless Modem

Calamp Vanguard 5530 Cellular Router


Black Cellular Antenna

Black Dual-Band Wi-Fi Antenna

Black Mini Cellular Antenna

Charcoal Cellular Antenna

Charcoal Dual-Band Wi-Fi Antenna

Cradlepoint 12V Barrel Power Supply

Cradlepoint 12V International Power Supply

Cradlepoint 12V Power Supply

Cradlepoint 12V Vehicle Power Supply

Cradlepoint 2×10 GPIO Cable

Cradlepoint 2×2 Power to Barrel Adapter

Cradlepoint 48V POE Injector

Cradlepoint 54V Power Supply for AER2200

Cradlepoint 54V Power Supply for E3000

Cradlepoint AER1600 Branch Router

Cradlepoint AER1650 Branch Router

Cradlepoint AER2100 Branch Router

Cradlepoint AER2200 Branch Router

Cradlepoint AER2200 Rack Mount Kit

Cradlepoint AER3100 Branch Router

Cradlepoint AER3150 Branch Router

Cradlepoint AP22 WiFi Access Point

Cradlepoint ARC CBA550 LTE Adapter

Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 LTE Adapter

Cradlepoint AT&T Sim Card 2FF

Cradlepoint CBA850 Mounting Bracket

Cradlepoint COR Extensibility Dock

Cradlepoint CR4250 Branch Router

Cradlepoint CR4250 Rack-Mount Bracket

Cradlepoint DIN Rail Mounting Bracket

Cradlepoint E100 Battery Pack

Cradlepoint E100 Branch Router

Cradlepoint E300 Branch Router

Cradlepoint E3000 Branch Router

Cradlepoint GPIO & Power Cable

Cradlepoint IBR1100 COR Extensibility Dock

Cradlepoint IBR1100 Vehicle Router

Cradlepoint IBR1150 Vehicle Router

Cradlepoint IBR1700 Rack-Mount Bracket

Cradlepoint IBR1700 Ruggedized LTE Router

Cradlepoint IBR200 4G LTE Router

Cradlepoint IBR350 LTE Gateway

Cradlepoint IBR600B Semi-Rugged Router

Cradlepoint IBR600C Semi-Rugged Router

Cradlepoint IBR650B Semi-Rugged Router

Cradlepoint IBR650C Semi-Rugged Router

Cradlepoint IBR900 Ruggedized Router

Cradlepoint Line Cord for NA

Cradlepoint Line Cord for US

Cradlepoint Magnetic Mount Kit

Cradlepoint MC400 Modular Modem

Cradlepoint OBD-II Adapter Kit

Cradlepoint Rollover Adapter for RJ45

CradlePoint Serial DB9 To GPIO Cable

Cradlepoint Sprint Sim Card 2FF

Cradlepoint T-Mobile SIM Card

Cradlepoint Virtual Router

Cradlepoint L950 Branch LTE Adapter

Cradlepoint W1850 Wideband Adapter

Cradlepoint W2000 Wideband Adapter

Cradlepoint W2005 Wideband Adapter

Cradlepoint W4005 Wideband Adapter

Extensibility Port to GPIO Cable

Extensibility Port to Serial DB9 Cable

NetCloud Branch Access Point Essentials Plans

NetCloud Branch Advanced Plans

NetCloud Branch Essentials + Advanced Plans

NetCloud Branch Essentials Plans

NetCloud Branch FIPS Plans

NetCloud Branch LTE Adapter Advanced

NetCloud Branch LTE Adapter Essentials

NetCloud Branch LTE Adapter Essentials + Advanced Plan

NetCloud Branch Performance Advanced

NetCloud Branch Performance Essentials + Advanced Plans

NetCloud Branch Performance Essentials Plan

NetCloud Enterprise Branch Advanced

NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials + Advanced Plans

NetCloud Enterprise Branch Essentials Plan

NetCloud IoT Advanced Plans

NetCloud IoT Essentials + Advanced Plan

NetCloud IoT Essentials Plans

NetCloud Mobile Advanced Plans

NetCloud Mobile Essentials + Advanced Plan

NetCloud Mobile Essentials Plans

NetCloud Mobile FIPS Plans

NetCloud Perimeter Client + Support

NetCloud Ruggedized IoT Advanced

NetCloud Ruggedized IoT Essentials

NetCloud Ruggedized IoT Essentials + Advanced Plans

NetCloud SOHO Branch Plans

RJ45 Rollover Serial Cable

Rugged Verizon Sim Card 2FF

White Cellular Antenna

White Mini Cellular Antenna

Zscaler Internet Security

Digi International

Digi 10-Pin RJ-45 Adapter

Digi Antenna Base - SMA

Digi Connect Sensor+

Digi CORE Plug-In LTE Modem

Digi Ethernet Cable

Digi EX12 LTE Cellular Extender

Digi EX15 LTE Cellular Extender

Digi Indoor Cellular Antenna

Digi IX Series DIN Rail Clip Kit

Digi IX Series DIN Rail Mounting Kit

Digi IX10 and IX20 Power Supply

Digi IX10 Cellular Antenna

Digi IX10 Cellular Router

Digi IX14 4G LTE Router

Digi IX14 Accessory Kit

Digi IX14 Power Supply

Digi IX20 4G LTE Router

Digi IX20 Ethernet Cable

Digi IX20 WiFi Antenna

Digi LR54 Wall Mounting Bracket

Digi Remote Manager

Digi Table-Top Mount WiFi Antenna

Digi TransPort LR54 High-Speed Router

Digi Transport WR21 Enterprise Router

Digi TransPort WR31 Smart Router

Digi TransPort WR44 R Cellular Router

Digi Transport WR44 RR Cellular Router

Digi Transport WR54 Cellular Router

Digi Transport WR64 Cellular Router

Digi TX54 LTE-A Pro Cellular Router

Digi TX64 LTE-A Cellular Router

Digi WR11 XT Accessory Kit

Digi WR11 XT Cellular Router

Digi WR11 XT DC Power Supply

Digi WR31 AC Power Supply

Digi WR31 DIN Rail Mounting Bracket

Digi WR31 Wall Mounting Bracket

Digi WR44 RR Accessory Kit

Digi WR44R 4-Pin DC Power Cord

Digi WR44R AC Power Supply - 12VDC

Digi WR44R AC Power Supply - 18VDC

Digi WR44R Accessory Kit

Digi WR54 Accessory Kits

Digi WR54 Power Supply Kit

Mobile Mark

Mobile Mark LLP302 Antenna

Mobile Mark LLP402 Antenna

Mobile Mark LLP502 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM301 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM302 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM308 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM401 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM402 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM404 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM501 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM502 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM508 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM601 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM602 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM702 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM940 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM941 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM942 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM943 Antenna

Mobile Mark LTM944 Antenna

Mobile Mark MXF302 Antenna

Mobile Mark MXF402 Antenna

Mobile Mark MXF502 Antenna

Mobile Mark MXF602 Antenna

Mobile Mark NXD-W Antenna

Mobile Mark RM-WLF Antenna

Mobile Mark SMW-305 Antenna

Panorama Antennas

9-in-1 Panorama Antenna


Cross Polarized LTE MIMO Antenna

Dual-Band Directional WiFi Antenna

Dual-Band Linear WiFi Antenna

High Gain Tunnel Antenna

Linear Omni-Directional Antenna

Log Periodic Directional Antenna

LPDA Horizontal Mounting Bracket

LPDA Polarization Bracket

Multi-Band Duck Dipole Antenna

Omni-Directional Coastal Antenna

Omni-Directional Marine Antenna

Twin-Bonded HDF195 Cable Assembly

Wideband Linear LTE Antenna

RedLion Controls

Red Lion Ethernet Switch

Red Lion Power Supply AC/DC Adapter Barrel

Red Lion SN-6000 Series Cellular Routers

SixNet Power Supply AC/DC Adapter Molex

Sierra Wireless

AC-12VDC 800mA Adapter

ACM Appliance Hardware

ACM Client License for MG90

ACM Implementation Services

ACM VM Server Software License

Airlink 2-in-1 Dome Antenna

Airlink 2-in-1 Panel Antenna

Airlink 2-in-1 Puck Antenna

Airlink 2-in-1 SharkFin Antenna

Airlink 3-in-1 BAT Antenna

Airlink 3-in-1 Dome Antenna

Airlink 3-in-1 Panel Antenna

Airlink 3-in-1 SharkFin Antenna

Airlink 3-in-1 Wi-Fi Antenna

Airlink 4-in-1 BAT Antenna

Airlink 4-in-1 Panel Antenna

Airlink 4-in-1 SharkFin Antenna

Airlink 5-in-1 Dome Antenna

Airlink 6-in-1 Dome Antenna

Airlink 6-in-1 SharkFin Antenna

Airlink 8-in-1 Dome Antenna

Airlink AC-12VDC Power Adapter

Airlink Asset Tag with Wi-FI and T5A

Airlink Complete for ALEOS Devices

AirLink Complete ARA Add-On

AirLink Complete Pro

Airlink DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Airlink DC Power Cable

Airlink Device Deployment Services

Airlink Dome Mag Mount Adapter

Airlink ES450 LTE Gateway

Airlink Extended Warranty

Airlink GX450 Rugged Mobile LTE Gateway

Airlink High Gain Directional Antenna

Airlink LS300 Industrial Gateway

Airlink LX40 Enterprise LTE Router

AirLink LX60 Dual Ethernet LTE Router

Airlink Management Service

Airlink MG90 AC Adapter

Airlink MG90 DC Power Cable

Airlink MG90 Field Upgrade Kit

Airlink MG90 GPIO Breakout Cable

Airlink MG90 Mounting Bracket

  • 1104708
  • Airlink MG90 Multi-Network Vehicle Router

    Airlink MP70 I/O Auxiliary Cable

    Airlink MP70 J1939 Y Cable

    AirLink MP70 LTE-A Pro Vehicle Router

    Airlink MP70 OBD-II Y Cable

    AirLink MP70E LTE Vehicle Router

    Airlink OBD-II Telemetry Kit

    Airlink oMG DC Power Cable

    Airlink Paddle 5G Antenna

    Airlink Paddle Cellular Antenna

    Airlink Paddle Wi-Fi Antenna

    Airlink Panel LPWA Antenna

    Airlink RV50 Industrial LTE Gateway

    AirLink RV50X Industrial LTE Gateway

    Airlink RV55 Dual Serial Y-Cable

    AirLink RV55 Rugged LTE-A Pro Router

    Airlink RV-GX Mounting Bracket Adapter

    Airlink SharkFin Mag Mount Adapter

    Airlink Support for AMM Hosted - ALEOS Devices

    Airlink Support for AMM Hosted - MG Devices

    Airlink Support for AMM Onsite - ALEOS Devices

    Airlink Support for AMM Onsite - MG Devices

    Airlink Telemetry Scanner Kit J1939/1708

    Airlink X-Card DB15 I/O Cable

    ALEOS AF Developer Kit Accessory

    AM Client License for ALEOS Devices

    AM Server Software License

    AM/AMM Onsite Implementation

    AM/AMM Remote Implementation

    AMM Appliance Hardware

    AMM Client License for ALEOS Device

    AMM Client License for MG Devices

    AMM Server Software License

    Bracket for Airlink Panel Antennas

    InMotion oMG Mobile Gateway

    Mounting Bracket for Airlink LS300

    Mounting Bracket for Airlink LX40

    Mounting Bracket for Airlink LX60

    Mounting Bracket for Airlink RV50X

    oMG-MG Cable Antenna Adapter

    oMG-MG Mounting Bracket Adapter

    Sierra Wireless On-Site Training

    Sierra Wireless Professional Services

    Sierra Wireless Web-Based Training


    Lightning Arrestor 0-6 GHz

    RS-232-DB9 Lightning Suppressor

    USAT Corp

    DEVPROV+ Suite of Services

    Express M2M Sim Card 2FF

    LMR195 Cable Jumper Assembly

    LMR400 Cable Jumper Assembly

    Multi-Band Mini-Duck Antennas

    Square Mag Mount GPS Antenna

    Topcon 4G MC-R3 Cable Assembly

    TRaCK Box | Instant Communications Kit

    Ultra-Flex LMR195 Cable Assembly

    USAT Antenna Ground Plane

    USAT Antenna L-Bracket 6"

    USAT Antenna L-Bracket 8.5"

    USAT Antenna Leg Mount


    Verizon LTE Sim Card 2FF

    Verizon Triple Punch Cat-M1 SIM Card


    Yagi Antenna