Training Videos

Many of USAT's manufacturing partners have developed training videos to help our mutual customers to master the use of the various hardware and software we sell. Below you can find training videos from Sierra Wireless, Cradlepoint, Digi International and others.

Sierra Wireless Training Videos for Airvantage

Sierra Wireless

AirVantage® M2M Cloud | Video Series

Bulk register your AirLink ALEOS gateways

Configure and monitor your devices remotely from AirVantage

Manage a large number of devices with AirVantage

Customize data retrieval from your gateways

Create custom alert notifications with AirVantage

Sierra Wireless Videos for Hardware Set-up and Training

Sierra Wireless

Hardware & Set-up Training Videos

Airlink RV50 Optimized for Low Power

Sierra Wireless ALEOS Application Framework

AirLink Intelligent Gateways

Sierra Wireless AirVantage M2M Cloud

AirLink® ES440 4G LTE Gateway & Terminal Server

AirVantage Management Service for AirLink® Gateways

Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440 Intelligent 4G Gateway

Energy Solutions for M2M Applications from Sierra Wireless

Cradlepoint Videos for Software Set-up and Training


Software & Set-Up Training Videos

Port Forwarding - CradlePoint Support

Manually Updating Firmware - CradlePoint Support

WiFi as WAN with your router - CradlePoint Support

Enabling IP Passthrough - CradlePoint Support

Setting up Wireless Security - CradlePoint Support 

 Troubleshooting DSL and Cable Modems with Cradlepoint

Failover and Failback - CradlePoint Support

Digi International Videos for Software Set-up and Training

Digi International

Software & Set-Up Training Videos

Next Generation Vehicle Telematics

Digi TransPort WR21 Datasheet

iDigi Tank Demo

Smart Energy Solutions from Digi

M2M Training and Educational Videos

Additional Videos

M2M Training Videos

Public safety solutions by CalAmp hardware and software

CalAmp Fusion High Performance Multi-Band Router

Learn SCADA basics, how to select the right equipment and more

How a PLC works and explaining plc automation basics

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