Cardmaker Deploys CradlePoint IBR600 Devices

Card Maker Deploys Cradlepoint Powered Kiosks

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Since its founding in the early 1900s, this mid-West-based, privately owned greeting card company has been an instantly recognized brand, providing consumers worldwide with a wide range of greeting cards and related products. Nearly 100 years after its founding, the company launched a broadcast television channel to expand… Read More…

Nevada DOT’s M2M Digital Signage Project

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Like many infrastructure providers, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is continuously developing projects to increase the intelligence of its transportation systems. As part of its transition from analog to digital infrastructure just over a decade ago, NDOT enlisted Las Vegas Electric to expand Nevada’s network of road messaging signs and fiber optic connectivity… Read more…

LoRaWan® Solutions for Digital Signage

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In the past, large hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and educational campuses would mount physical signs on doors that listed room numbers, staff names, class schedules, and more. Anytime a class schedule changed or an employee turned over, someone would have to manually visit the effected offices and classrooms to replace the content of each sign by hand… Read more…

IoT Connectivity for Industry

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Many industries have already embraced powerful IoT devices for remote monitoring and management of their data. But lacking robust networking equipment and devices, some commercial enterprises and public organizations risk costly downtime and lost productivity from not having true industrial connectivity… Read more…

The Automated Car Wash

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End-to-end, self-service car washes have are revolutionizing an industry that used to rely heavily on in-person intervention and troubleshooting. Achieving 24/7/365 remote network access to manage everything from their automated machinery to PCI-compliant POS data requires robust and reliable connectivity… Read more…

DOT Communications Solutions

Department of Transportation Communications Solutions

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Overseeing a complex transportation network with thousands of miles roadways, tens of thousands of miles of sidewalk, hundreds of signalized intersections and dozens of bridges and tunnels, requires tremendous effort. When you include traffic cameras, roadway digital signage, and vehicle detection… Read more…

Smart Locker Connectivity Management

Smart Locker Connectivity Management

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Retail and logistics organizations look for ways to provide their customers with an array of value-added services. Smart lockers have become a fantastic way for local, national, and multi-national companies to offer clients the convenience of picking up mail items, and packages on their own schedules from secure locations. Located in retail outlets and… Read more…

LoRaWAN Networking Solutions

LoRaWan Networking Solutions

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To free businesses that deploy IoT applications from the up and down costs and consumer-driven cycles of public cellular networks, USAT will begin offering devices that transmit over the LoRaWAN network to our customers. The LoRaWAN network and the gateways, base stations, and other devices for LoRaWAN offer the same stability of public and private… Read more…

Cellular Networking Solutions for Airports

Cellular Solutions for Airports

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Today’s airports are embracing new cellular connectivity solutions to improve the intelligence of their operations. Becoming better connected improves their efficiency, allows them to offer a safer, more streamlined travel experience and helps to reduce costs. All of these actors serve to increase loyalty among their customers. In their drive to become… Read more…

Private LTE with Motorola Nitro | USAT Networking Solutions

Private LTE with Motorola Nitro

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In today’s world, Public LTE and Wi-Fi networks are a necessity. For many individuals and organizations, wireless services have become a “fourth utility” – a resource as critical as power, water, and gas. In spite of this, a few scenarios exist where the use of public LTE and Wi-Fi networks is not a viable option – leaving PLTE as the only solution. Read more…