Waste Management Connectivity Solutions

Digi IX20 Improves Waste Management

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The average waste removal client receives a weekly pickup of their solid waste containers, costing approximately $7,800 per year. Because of the organization’s deep understanding of the industry, they knew there was an opportunity to reduce those costs by monitoring container levels in real time and ultimately eliminating unnecessary haulage trips… Read more…

Mobile Clinics Improve Rural Health

Mobile Clinics Improve Rural Health

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When it comes to healthcare, time is of the essence. Routine care, such as annual physicals, dental exams, or same-day sick appointments, should always happen as quickly and with as much accuracy as possible. Unfortunately, getting most Americans to attend their routine appointments can be a hassle, but when individuals must… Read more…

LoRaWAN Networking Solutions

LoRaWan Networking Solutions

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To free businesses that deploy IoT applications from the up and down costs and consumer-driven cycles of public cellular networks, USAT will begin offering devices that transmit over the LoRaWAN network to our customers. The LoRaWAN network and the gateways, base stations, and other devices for LoRaWAN offer the same stability of public and private… Read more…

Cellular Failover for Critical Safety and Security Systems

Safety and Security Solutions

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Enterprises across various public and private industries are utilizing a myriad of security and mass notification systems to keep their people and facilities safe and secure. Unfortunately, many of these systems have been configured to depend upon T1 hardline connections to properly function — leaving their organization exposed should that connection fail… Read more…

Private LTE with Motorola Nitro | USAT Networking Solutions

Private LTE with Motorola Nitro

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In today’s world, Public LTE and Wi-Fi networks are a necessity. For many individuals and organizations, wireless services have become a “fourth utility” – a resource as critical as power, water, and gas. In spite of this, a few scenarios exist where the use of public LTE and Wi-Fi networks is not a viable option – leaving PLTE as the only solution. Read more…

POTS Replacement Solutions

POTS Replacement Solutions

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Recently, the FCC has mandated that major providers of copper POTS lines should sunset maintenance and support for devices and services that depend upon them beginning in August 2022. While there are many reasons for this, the primary issues are the high costs of laying new and maintaining existing lines. Costs that are… Read more…