Cardmaker Deploys CradlePoint IBR600 Devices

Card Maker Deploys Cradlepoint Powered Kiosks

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Since its founding in the early 1900s, this mid-West-based, privately owned greeting card company has been an instantly recognized brand, providing consumers worldwide with a wide range of greeting cards and related products. Nearly 100 years after its founding, the company launched a broadcast television channel to expand… Read More…

AirLink RV55 Helps Taxi Services Stay Competitive

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One of the biggest challenges facing taxi services is convenience. While passengers can usually step out their door and find a ride within a matter of minutes until recently, taxis tended to be cash-only enterprises. When ride-share companies burst onto the scene with their pay-in-app model, it quickly became a much more attractive option for passengers… Read more…

Waste Management Connectivity Solutions

Digi IX20 Improves Waste Management

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The average waste removal client receives a weekly pickup of their solid waste containers, costing approximately $7,800 per year. Because of the organization’s deep understanding of the industry, they knew there was an opportunity to reduce those costs by monitoring container levels in real time and ultimately eliminating unnecessary haulage trips… Read more…

Mobile LTE Helps Water Utilities Service Customers

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One American water and wastewater utility realized that as technology advances, their reliance on such applications and devices continued to increase. Unfortunately, their aging field service vehicle fleet was experiencing incidents related to network congestion and limited bandwidth resulting in partial and complete failures to connect that required in-person remediation…. Read more…

Smart Locker Connectivity Management

Smart Locker Connectivity Management

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Retail and logistics organizations look for ways to provide their customers with an array of value-added services. Smart lockers have become a fantastic way for local, national, and multi-national companies to offer clients the convenience of picking up mail items, and packages on their own schedules from secure locations. Located in retail outlets and… Read more…

Food Logistics Vehicle Connectivity Solutions

Food Logistics Vehicle Connectivity

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With three restaurants, a refrigerated warehouse, and a dozen delivery vans working to service a 20 mile radius, they were running into logistical issues. They needed a solutions that would help them track their fleet, improve driver and vehicle safety, monitor in-vehicle refrigeration units to guarantee freshness, and… Read more…

SCADA Solutions for Water Utilities

Water Tank Monitoring Solutions

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Most water and wastewater utilities continuously rely upon supervisory control and data acquisition systems to support the demanding requirements of their operations in a variety of applications. The right hardware allows SCADA systems to run seamlessly – connecting central operations to remote assets and enhancing visibility, productivity, and… Read more…