Grain Silo Efficiency Monitoring

AirLink RV50X Increases Grain Production Efficiency

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Australia produces 10-15% of the world’s wheat supplies. In recent years, as the supply chain has suffered first from a global pandemic and then from the war in Ukraine, where an additional 10% of the world’s grain supply originates, creating a more efficient method of monitoring grain production and storage has been a huge objective… Read More…

Connectivity for Smart Parking Applications

Intelligent Parking Connectivity Solutions

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Those managing parking areas need solutions that enable them to maximize the efficiency of operations regardless of whether they manage on-street parking spaces or condensed multi-level car parks. With increasing frequency, they are in search of ways to automate gate controls, expedite payment transactions, improve visitor… Read more…

Large Oil Company Uses AirLink RX55 for Jet Pump Monitoring

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Focusing primarily on exploration and production, one of Pakistan’s largest oil companies operates a network of jet pumps scattered across its concession area, which includes an onshore footprint of more than 10,000 square kilometers and the largest offshore acreage given to any single exploration and production company… Read more…

Nevada DOT’s M2M Digital Signage Project

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Like many infrastructure providers, the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is continuously developing projects to increase the intelligence of its transportation systems. As part of its transition from analog to digital infrastructure just over a decade ago, NDOT enlisted Las Vegas Electric to expand Nevada’s network of road messaging signs and fiber optic connectivity… Read more…

ONG Monitors Gas Pipelines with AirLink Devices

ONG Monitors Gas Pipelines with AirLink

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Oklahoma is the third-largest gas-producing state in the United States. To serve its broad client base, ONG has extensive pipeline networks deployed over vast stretches of land spanning both urban and remote areas. The company’s main priority is to deliver natural gas with no adverse effect on the public, its customers, employees or the environment, and its high environmental safety and… Read more…

Real-Time Drilling Data for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

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When you’re managing a drilling site, you need reliable always-on connectivity to measure seismic activity, equipment health, and much more. For a fully integrated drilling data solution, companies need fast, accurate, and reliable information at any time and anywhere. To access critical drilling data in remote and harsh environments… Read more…

Wind Farm Monitoring for Renewable Energy Companies

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Every wind farm project has a research phase in which data is collected at potential wind farm sites to assess their suitability for wind production. Once a site is identified for evaluation, the company sends a team of wind data specialists to collect environmental information such as wind speed, wind direction, and… Read more…