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USAT's public safety solutions offer various types of first responders secure and reliable connectivity to mission-critical public safety networks. We're ready to help match your organization with our wide portfolio of rugged and reliable wireless router solutions. We'll find the perfect devices for all your vehicle, station, and IoT connectivity initiatives. We're here to ensure your teams stay safe, respond quickly, and perform at their best.
Retail IoT Communications Devices and Networks from USAT
USAT provides mission-critical communication solutions vital to the people and organizations that serve and protect our families, communities, and nation.
5G Public WiFi for Retail Locations

Law Enforcement 

Constant connectivity is vital for law enforcement agencies to function. Police vehicles, mobile command centers, police stations, and police personnel need to be connected at all times, with near-zero downtime. At USAT our wireless router solutions provide officers continuous access to the data, devices, and people on which they depend to safely and effectively take on the countless challenges thrown their way.

Business Continuity with USAT Failover Solutions

Fire and Rescue

Firefighters battle under the worst conditions imaginable. They respond to fires and disasters of all kinds, from structure fires to wildfires and even explosions. With the forces of man and nature literally raging around them, fire departments can’t afford any downtime. At USAT, we make sure fire departments can rely on our connectivity solutions to perform operations like remote  data access, drone surveillance, and other coordinated lifesaving activities.

Digital Signage Communications for Branch Locations

Emergency Medical

When seconds can make the difference in saving or losing a life, connections to vital networks can make the critical difference. USAT's EMS solutions allow EMS professions to connect to the data they need both on scene and en-route. We make sure that EMT's can depend on the fast and reliable mobile router solutions we provide. Whether they need real-time video or live streams of patient vitals, we enable the solutions EMS teams need to effectively perform their jobs.

Point-of-Sale Communications Solutions from USAT

Emergency Management

For local city and county agencies charged with coordinating emergency responses to natural and manmade disasters, we offer the connectivity solutions they need to save as many lives as possible. Whether that be backup connectivity for major field offices, portable networking solutions for field operations, or mobile networking for emergency response vehicles, we have your emergency operations team covered with expert the connectivity solutions they need.

Security Communications for Retail Operations

Federal Disaster Response

While local emergency management agencies work to help repair their individual communities, federal relief agencies have a broader scope. When the entire nation is looking to you mobilize your agency to come to their direct and immediate aid, the networks you use to communicate must be second to none. Reach out to the experts at USAT for all your emergency networking devices and comprehensive wireless networking services and solutions.

Internet Connectivity for POS Kiosks

Armed Forces

Secure and reliable communications for our nations armed forces is beyond mission-critical. We offer connectivity devices that are FIPS-compliant and built to, and above, military standards and specifications (MIL-STD). Devices tested for shock, vibration, water and dust ingress, impacts, and more are available from our team through partnerships with top manufacturers who make only the toughest and most secure communications devices possible.


USAT provides the communications technologies public safety agencies need to reduce response times, eliminate downtime, improve operational transparency, and save more lives.

Cellular Networking for Public Safety Agencies and First Responders

If you're interested in learning more about how USAT can help your public safety agency achieve its' fixed and mobile communications objectives, please fill out this contact form. An expert member of our team will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your needs.

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