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All the professional services outlined within this web page are executed within the context of a well-defined project, described in a Statement of Work, which represents a contract to deliver the solution purchased by the customer.  This project-focused approach provides peace of mind to key stakeholders that they can count on a successful implementation.  Upon project completion, we introduce our clients to our industry-leading technical support services for ongoing and long-term solution support.

USAT has a Professional Services offering that provides full product life-cycle services, partnering with customers to ensure the deployment of the most comprehensive and high-performance enterprise-grade fixed and mobile networks possible.

Implementation Service

The USAT LLC Engineering Services team delivers solutions, tailored to customer needs, which are executed based on an evolving set of best practices and project management processes and methodologies. These solutions are delivered within the context of a structured project, defined by a Statement of Work and a comprehensive Project Plan.

Project Management services are an integral part of solution delivery, guiding customers, partners and third-party developers through the project execution process. The project is defined and scoped, with regular project review calls and/or project update reports. The USAT LLC Engineering Services team incorporates vast knowledge and skills relevant to fixed and mobile communications, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Our implementation services ensure successful delivery of your complex networking projects.

Featured Benefits

  • "Assured Success"
  • Turnkey Implementation
  • Solution Knowledge Transfer
  • Best Practices

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Training Service

Sophisticated information technology solutions present many challenges, as it concerns operations and management, post-implementation. Additionally, as an organization’s needs grow, infrastructure solutions will grow to meet new, emerging challenges. Proper knowledge and understanding of these solutions, and the capabilities of the systems involved, is key to maximizing their effectiveness and utility.

Our Engineering Services team offers training services, designed to provide a customer with a full, and complete understanding of the implemented solution. These training services can be all-inclusive of the existing solutions, or can be tailored to very specific learning needs and objectives. These training services can target different customer operational functions, such as information technology, field operations, fleet management, installation technicians and infrastructure management.

Our training services are provided in webinar format, or on-site at a customer facility. These services are designed to maximize learning through interactive discussion, real-world-based scenarios and hands-on experiences that leverage best practices and knowledge from our Engineering Services team’s experience over a multitude of field implementations.

Featured Benefits

  • Full Solution Training
  • Hands-On Interaction
  • Real-World Scenarios
  • Best Practices
  • New Use Cases

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Proof of Concept Service

Sophisticated information technology solutions require significant investment in terms of time, resources and capital. When integrating new technology on a large scale, proper planning and testing should be conducted in advance of commitment to a particular solution to ensure all technical and business objectives can be met or exceeded.

The USAT LLC Engineering Services team offers Proof of Concept services, designed to carry out an implementation of the USAT proposed solution in the form of a pilot, consisting of all the use cases to be verified for the larger project. A comprehensive Proof of Concept can serve to assure all key stakeholders that the proposed solution will meet the needs of the organization and all relevant use cases.

The Proof of Concept service allows the customer to assess the solution in-action at a fraction of the investment required for full fleet roll-out. Specific, customer approved, success criteria are defined in this service, and used to verify all project objectives are met.

Featured Benefits

  • Test of “As-Designed” Proposal Prior to Full Solution Investment
  • Real-World Verification of Use Cases/Workflows
  • Investment in Proven Solution
  • Comprehensive Test Plan
  • Risks Identified and Managed Up Front

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Engineering Maintenance Contract

Sophisticated information technology solutions require regular maintenance and evaluation to ensure the solution is operating at optimal levels and is addressing the needs for which the solution was implemented. Additionally, the implemented solution may be impacted over time, as customer infrastructure evolves due to other project requirements, growth of the organization, or newer technology is implemented or introduced. Regular maintenance of the solution can address gaps that may may manifest over time.

The USAT LLC Engineering Services team offers Engineering Maintenance Contract (EMC) services, designed to provide regularly scheduled on-site visits by a Solutions Engineer who will perform a thorough review of the implemented solution, dependent systems, service infrastructure and system performance. This service can be provided on a quarterly or semi-annual basis and is a duration of three to five days onsite per visit.

The EMC service results in a report of the state of the solution, and any actions taken to improve on or redesign the solution. This provides the customer with a historical view of the solution from the implementation, moving forward, so all changes and decisions are documented, understood, and can be substantiated under future reviews. The end result is a well-designed and evolving solution that continually suits the needs of the customer.

Featured Benefits

  • Periodic Solution Health-Check
  • Proactive Identification and Resolution of Negative Trends
  • New Feature Reviews
  • Workflow Analysis
  • Configuration Optimization
  • Open Issue Review

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System Audit Service

Sophisticated information technology solutions should not be viewed as “static” infrastructure, as they must evolve over time to accommodate new use cases, technical requirements and operational objectives. Periodic reviews of the infrastructure, business requirements and use cases should be carried out to optimize and streamline the solution, ensuring that it meets the evolving requirements of the organization. Reviews should include carrier performance/coverage and recurring financial expenditures.

The USAT LLC Engineering Services team offers System Audit services, which are designed to provide a comprehensive review of the implemented solution and provide recommendations on design/configuration modifications, new workflow strategies and new product features that can positively impact the solution performance or operational objectives. Often, organizations can realize performance improvements based on new best practices or software features that come available with new releases.

The System Audit service results in a comprehensive report, outlining all findings and providing recommendations to address any gaps. This report is then used as a “road-map” to address any identified issues, which may include some actions to be completed by customer staff. If any assistance is needed by the customer to address the findings, a follow-up Engineering Services engagement may be purchased to assist in driving the recommendations to completion.

Areas of Audit Include

  • Network Design
  • Software Releases
  • Workflow/Use Cases
  • System Security
  • Asset Inventory
  • Future Growth
  • Network Performance
  • 802.11 Wireless Design
  • WAN Switching
  • Component Configurations
  • Carrier Performance
  • Recurring Financial Costs

Featured Benefits

  • Workflow Improvements
  • New Best Practices
  • New Product Feature Integration
  • Enhanced Network Performance
  • Existing Issue Identification
  • Productivity Gains
  • Future Planning
  • Cost Management

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RF Site Survey Service

RF network infrastructure is becoming increasingly critical to daily operations, and, in many cases, is the primary means of communications for networked devices. As such, it is critical that these RF networks perform optimally, which requires proper design to achieve. RF networks are subject to many challenges, including other interfering devices, physical obstructions causing signal reflection/refraction, channel allocation and general RF noise.

The USAT LLC Engineering Services team offers RF Site Survey services to assist customers with designing RF-based infrastructure that is efficient, robust and secure. The USAT LLC Engineering Services team will perform initial studies on the requirements of a proposed RF infrastructure, resulting in an initial plan for execution. Once this plan is determined, an onsite RF assessment will be conducted to confirm the plan, or modify it based on the onsite findings.

This onsite assessment will take into account the overall environment, including RF noise, existing RF infrastructure, physical obstructions and the overall channel usage in the area to be assessed. The result of this service is an RF Site Survey report which will provide details on the equipment to be installed, mounting locations, expected RF performance metrics and additional hardware requirements, such as cables, lightning arrestors and antennas.

Featured Benefits

  • Improved Wireless Performance
  • Documented Infrastructure
  • Design to Specific Device Requirements
  • Security Recommendations
  • Verification of Coverage Requirements
  • Improved User Experience
  • Future Planning

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Our Professional Services team consists of highly experienced Project Managers and Network Engineers, who possess the knowledge and expertise, not only of fixed and mobile networking solutions, but of the enterprise network and the integration of devices and applications into that solution.

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