Airlink XR80 Series 5G Router


5G High-Performance Multi-Network Router for IoT, Branch, and Mobile Applications.

  • Supported Cellular Connectivity
    • 5G – Up to 4.14 Gbps DL/660 Mbps UL
    • 4G LTE Cat 20 – Up to 2 Gbps DL/210 Mbps UL
    • Optional dual 5G cellular
    • LPWA exclusively for ALMS Out-of-Band Management
    • CBRS for Private Networks
  • Wi-Fi
    • 4×4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 AP/STA up to 2.4Gbps
    • 1×1 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 STA Rx only
    • Support for 128 clients and WPA2/3Enterprise
    • High output power 23 dBm (per chain)
  • Interfaces
    • Main Body: 3x RJ-45 Ethernet ports (1x 5Gbps with PTP IEEE 1588, 2x 1Gbps)
    • With Expansion: 4x RJ-45 Ethernet ports (1x 5Gbpswith PTP IEEE 1588, 4x 1Gbps)
    • Dual SIM Slots. Dual RS-232 serial on RJ-45
    • Aux Port (GPIO/CAN), USB 3.2 type-C port.
  • Integrated Service: AirLink Complete

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AirLink® XR80 Multi-Network Vehicle Router

Sierra Wireless Airlink offers the supercharged XR Series, providing reliable, responsive, and secure access that is easy to manage and support. Within this series, the Sierra Wireless Airlink XR80 5G routers are now available for purchase, although the expansion cartridges have not yet been released.

The AirLink XR80 is specifically designed to optimize performance for both fixed and mobile applications. It boasts a range of features that enhance its functionality. With the availability of a dual-5G cellular radio and 5X4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6, the XR80 offers flexibility for customized configurations, catering to specific networking requirements.

Security is a top priority for the AirLink XR80, as it supports complete device-to-cloud security measures. This ensures that the network environment remains protected and shielded from potential threats.

In addition to its performance and security features, the AirLink XR80 also contributes to reducing the total cost of ownership through ALMS Out-of-Band management. This management system streamlines operations and helps minimize expenses, providing cost-saving benefits for users.

Furthermore, the cartridge-based design of the AirLink XR80 enables long-term expandability and upgradability. This means that as your network needs evolve over time, the XR80 can be easily adapted and enhanced without requiring a complete overhaul.

Overall, the Sierra Wireless Airlink XR Series, particularly the XR80 model, offers a robust solution for reliable, responsive, and secure access. With its advanced features and future-proof design, it is well-suited for various applications in both fixed and mobile settings.

Market Applications for the XR80:

Mobile mission critical applications in public safety and field service fleets, Fixed Wireless Access, SCADA, Edge and industrial IoT.

XR80 Series | Key Benefits

  • Designed for fixed and mobile mission and business-critical applications that require ultimate connectivity and reliability
  • Real-time connectivity with unmatched uplink and downlink speeds using 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and 5Gbps Ethernet technology
  • “Always-on” connectivity delivers consistent primary and backup connectivity for public and private networks using AirLink Cognitive Wireless
  • Simplified set up and usability with new AirLink OS and upgraded AirLink Management Service (ALMS)
  • New AirLink Premium with ALMS Out-of-Band Management provides zero-touch set up and reduced service calls
  • Ready for your Edge computing workloads

A Fully Integrated Solution

The AirLink XR80 is a fully-supported, out-of-the box solution complete with integrated device management and 24/7 technical support. AirLink Connection Manager delivers complete VPN security and our AirLink Professional Services maximizes your system performance and customer satisfaction.

What’s in the Box:

  • XR80
  • DC Power cable
  • LPWA Antenna
  • XR80 Quick Start Guide
  • ALMS Quick Start Guide

Additional Accessories:

  • Mounting bracket (6001350)
  • AC Adapter (6001372)
  • I/O Cable (6001004)
  • 5G Expansion Cartridge (future)

XR80 Services and Support:

  • AirLink Complete: Best-in-class support services covering AirLink XR80 devices. Includes:
    • AirLink Management Service (ALMS) network management and ALMS Advanced Mobility Reporting (AMR)
    • 24/7/365 Tier 1 technical support from wireless experts via phone or online access
    • Extended hardware warranty – up to 5 years
  • VPN: AirLink Connection Manager (ACM) is a mobile-optimized VPN solution that securely extends the enterprise network to the vehicle.
  • Professional Services: Full product life-cycle services including solution consulting and solution implementation services delivered by Sierra Wireless Network Engineers and Program Managers.

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