Custom Applications for Field Service Fleets

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Custom Applications for Field Service Fleets

Upgrading Field Service Fleets By Leveraging Existing Systems And Budgets

Not every enhancement in your field service vehicle fleet demands a hefty investment. Many organizations are seeking more innovative ways to leverage existing systems, while others opt for budget-friendly solutions that meet their basic needs.


By doing this, they can upgrade their fleet without overextending their budgets or overwhelming their team's capabilities. The philosophy here is about working smarter - not necessarily harder or more expensively. It's about leveraging existing assets wisely, identifying opportunities for incremental improvements, and adopting solutions that align with the organization's specific needs.

By taking a strategic and budget-conscious approach, businesses can uplevel their field service vehicle fleets without compromising financial stability or burdening their teams. This method balances innovation and fiscal responsibility, paving the way for sustainable and effective field service management.

The Challenge

Increasing Fleet Safety with Automatically Activated Dashboard Cameras

One client approached USAT with a specific requirement: they wanted to integrate affordable dash cameras into their small service vehicle fleet. After a minor accident left them without vital evidence, they decided to equip their fleet with recording devices to document incidents and, ideally, encourage better driving habits among their technicians.


However, the chosen dash cameras and mini-PCs lacked ignition sensing capabilities, requiring manual activation each time a vehicle was started.

For technicians who were frequently in and out of their vehicles all day, making multiple stops, this manual process became burdensome as they juggled appointments across the city. The organization needed a solution that would automatically activate the cameras, removing the technicians' hassle while ensuring continuous coverage throughout their workday.

The Solution

Sierra Wireless's AirLink RV55 and a Custom Script Enables Automatic Dash Cam Recording

Luckily, the organization's fleet of service vehicles was already equipped with Sierra Wireless's AirLink RV55 routers. USAT had previously installed these routers for enhanced GPS, navigation, and extended Wi-Fi connectivity. The devices facilitated internet access for their laptops and tablets, enabling technicians to evaluate customer needs and generate service estimates on-site. They also provided reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for their essential work processes.

Leveraging the RV55's ignition sensing capabilities, USAT's professional services team created a custom solution. Using the ALEOS Application Framework (AAF), they created a custom "wake on LAN packet" script. This script enabled the dash cameras and mini-PCs to power up automatically upon establishing a LAN connection, eliminating manual intervention. As a result, the client's vehicles were equipped with round-the-clock dash cam recordings whenever they were in use.

Our professional services team is dedicated to engineering bespoke IoT solutions at USAT for large corporations and small businesses. Tailoring our expertise to meet diverse client needs, we ensure seamless integration and operational efficiency regardless of the project's scale.

About the AirLink RV55

The AirLink RV55 by Sierra Wireless is a rugged LTE router designed for industrial IoT applications. It offers high-speed connectivity, a robust and durable design suitable for harsh environments, ignition sensing capabilities for vehicle applications, advanced security features, remote management options, extended Wi-Fi range, support for industrial protocols, and customization possibilities through the ALEOS Application Framework (AAF). It's ideal for various industrial scenarios, providing reliable and secure connectivity for mission-critical applications.

AirLink RV55 for Field Service Vehicle Fleets

Jeff Russell | USAT Solutions Engineering Manager

Fun Fact

Our chief solutions engineer employed a comparable configuration in his personal vehicle, albeit with a different router (the R1900 by Cradlepoint). He crafted a similar application within the SDK framework to attain this identical functionality for his own dash camera.

About USAT

USAT specializes in designing and deploying mobile wireless data connectivity solutions for organizations of all sizes — complete with implementation, training, proof of concept (POC), system auditing, and on-site RF surveying services with optional engineering maintenance contracts.

Our team not only helps you select, provision, and activate devices, we make sure they work in practical applications and real-life situations.

For over 25 years, USAT has provided mobile communications solutions for various field service applications across the USA. With our extensive catalog of world-class routers, gateways, and software designed for remote monitoring and management in even the harshest environments — you can count on us to get and keep you connected.

Better mobile connectivity translates to less manual equipment maintenance, reduced downtime, and an overall increase in your business's ROI. Contact the experts at USAT to learn how our wireless networking solutions can help meet your organization's exacting needs.

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