Unleashing the Power of Custom Application Development


USAT's Expertise Beyond Container Environments

In the industrial IoT and M2M communications field, questions often arise about the compatibility of custom applications with cellular devices, especially those lacking explicit container support and robust processing capabilities. These questions are so common because running embedded applications on devices with limited memory and processing power is feasible.

At USAT, we address these questions and offer innovative solutions, proving that customized applications are not confined to next-gen devices alone.

Understanding the Challenges

Custom application development, particularly on devices without designated container environments, is often limited by a lack of processing power and onboard memory that naturally restricts the depth and complexity of applications. However, despite these constraints, the potential for crafting tailored solutions remains substantial.

At USAT, we collaborate with various manufacturers, allowing us to open up a world of possibilities within custom applications.

Sierra Wireless's ALEOS Application Framework (AAF)

For example, Sierra Wireless devices in the RV, LX, and MP series run on the ALEOS operating system and use the Aleos Application Framework (AAF), which empowers small-scale yet impactful custom applications.

Custom Applications for AirLink Routers
Custom Applications for AAF

AAF provides a structured environment for developing and running custom applications on Sierra Wireless devices. It offers tools and resources that allow developers to create applications tailored to specific IoT or M2M (machine-to-machine) requirements.

These applications can range from small scripts to more complex programs, enabling a high degree of customization and flexibility for Sierra Wireless devices. Additionally, the custom applications enhance the functionality of Sierra Wireless devices, allowing them to perform specific tasks or integrate with other systems seamlessly.

Software Development Kits (SDKs)

Cradlepoint and Digi International adopt a different approach, employing Software Development Kits (SDKs) for their devices. An SDK refers to a set of software tools, libraries, and documentation provided by the router manufacturer to assist developers in creating custom applications and software solutions tailored to the specific router's capabilities.

Custom Applications for Cradlepoint Routers
Custom Applications for Digi Routers

These SDKs pave the way for loading customized API-based applications, transforming the device's functionality and extending it beyond its standard features. The APIs allow developers to interact with the router's hardware and software components, enabling the creation of custom applications, plugins, or firmware modifications.

Developers can use the SDK to access the router's advanced features, integrate it with other systems, or create specialized applications that meet unique business or industry requirements. SDKs often include code samples, development guides, and debugging tools to simplify development.

USAT's Expertise Unleashed

At USAT, we bridge the gap between limited device capabilities and tailored application needs. Our professional services team profoundly understands these intricacies, enabling us to script, load, and optimize applications even in environments with constrained resources.

Beyond the Boundaries of Memory and Processing Power

While the industry might perceive limitations in specific devices, our experts see opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to innovate, using creative scripting and development methods to extract maximum functionality from any device, regardless of its specifications. Our client-focused approach ensures that your unique needs are met, enhancing your operational efficiency without relying solely on next-gen, high-powered devices.

Our commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring the potential of every device, regardless of its limitations, showcases our dedication to delivering unparalleled solutions.

About USAT

USAT specializes in designing and deploying mobile wireless data connectivity solutions for organizations of all sizes — complete with implementation, training, proof of concept (POC), system auditing, and on-site RF surveying services with optional engineering maintenance contracts.

Our team not only helps you select, provision, and activate devices, but we make sure they work in practical applications and real-life situations.

For over 25 years, USAT has provided mobile communications solutions for various public and private enterprise applications across the USA. With our extensive catalog of world-class routers, gateways, and software designed for remote monitoring and management in even the harshest environments — you can count on us to get and keep you connected.

Better mobile connectivity translates to less manual equipment maintenance, reduced downtime, and an overall increase in your business's ROI. Contact the experts at USAT to learn how our wireless networking solutions can help meet your organization's exacting needs.

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