NEMA Enclosures

Custom-Built Communications Enclosures


Ideal for distribution automation projects, solar farm communication, remote site surveillance connectivity, and a broad array of remote fixed asset monitoring applications, our outdoor enclosures for cellular 4G, 5G, and CBRS gateways, routers, and wireless modems are built to safeguard wireless backhaul equipment from severe weather, operate with or without local power sources, and maximize cellular coverage and speeds.
NEMA Enclosure Installation by USAT

NEMA Enclosure Highlights

  • Shipped Configured, Tested and Ready for Field Deployment
  • Tamper Resistant, Lockable Housing
  • Pressure Equalization Vents
  • Programmable Event Alerts
  • Options for 9 aH to 12 aH of internal battery storage, and 55aH or more external power.
  • Back-up Battery Installation and/or Solar Powered
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices - We Install The Devices You Choose
  • Fast Turnaround for Rapid Field Deployment
At USAT, we design, customize and build environmental enclosures to house and protect your organization’s data communication devices. Our IP-rated solar powered NEMA enclosures protect cellular gateways in harsh environments.
Custom NEMA Enclosures for Remote Monitoring

Ruggedized Enclosures

Purpose-built for harsh and unpredictable environments, our clients can utilize our polycarbonate enclosures within both outdoor and indoor settings. Our rugged options include things like NEMA 4/4X ratings, Class 1 Div 2, IECEx, and ATEX environmental certifications, and can carry ingress protection ratings from IP66 up to IP6X. Each enclosure is custom selected to meet your organizations size and ruggedization needs.


Extensive Router Options

Through our partnerships with top US-based cellular and LoRaWAN device manufacturers, we can build enclosures that utilize a myriad of gateways from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Digi International, and Multi-Tech Systems for use on the carrier network or networks of your choosing. Whether you need single or multi-carrier capabilities, private LTE, or low-power wide-area (LPWA) functionality, we can equip your enclosures to meet your exacting needs.

Custom NEMA Boxes for Cellular Communications
Custom Antennas for NEMA Enclosure Communications

Custom Antenna Assemblies

We construct custom antennas and jumper cable assemblies that consider your specific NEMA application, including factors such as nearness to local cell towers and equipment interference. Whether you need cellular, Wi-Fi, or GPS capabilities, or a combination of each, we custom select the perfect antenna pairing and create cabling to match. Where applicable, your antennas can be mounted directly to the enclosure, or wall or pole mounted in a location with the greatest reception.

Solar Array Panel for Wireless NEMA Connectivity

Off-Grid and SCADA Applications

Our standard enclosures typically feature a ruggedized gateway, outdoor antenna, back-up battery, and customized jumper cable assemblies. Our NEMA boxes can also be engineered to include items such as solar photovoltaic arrays for off-grid power, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and remote terminal units (RTUs such as the ACE3600) for sensor data management and automation controls, LoRaWan sensors, relays, and other devices to meet your SCADA-based needs.

Solar Array Panel for Wireless NEMA Connectivity
USAT can build your custom enclosures for antenna equipped wireless communications devices, ruggedized switches, digital video capture equipment, and more.
Customized NEMA Enclosures for Cellular Communications Devices

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