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USAT is proud to be your organizations single source for all its’ custom RF cabling needs. We provide custom cabling solutions nationwide for use within diverse connectivity applications. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing you with superior products and support services. Our clients' depend on us to quickly and affordably cut, crimp, and cap high-quality custom cables for a smooth and optimal installation.
Custom Cable Cutting, Crimping, and Connector Assemblies
The communications devices and peripherals our clients' order with USAT frequently require specialized cabling for a smooth and optimal installation. For those clients we offer custom cabling assemblies to ensure their devices can be installed exactly how and where they need them most.
Custom LMR-195 and LMR-400 RF Cable Assemblies

Standard Cable Gauges

LMR cable is a low-loss coaxial cable. We currently only produce custom jumper assemblies that utilize LMR-195 or LMR-400 cabling. The primary feature of both of our cable options are their low dB losses, especially for high frequency radio, cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS applications.

How do they compare? LMR-195 is 0.195 inches in diameter while LMR-400 coaxial cable is relatively heavy, with an outside diameter of 0.4 inches. While both are flexible, LMR-195 has a maximum recommended bend radius of 1/2 inch within fixed installations and 2 inches when unsecured vs LMR-400’s 1 inch (fixed) and 4 inches (unsecured). LMR-400 is more well suited for applications that exceed 50 feet. Accordingly, LMR-400 is more expensive, as it uses a larger amount of materials.

Specialty RF Cabling Services

Specialty Cabling

Depending upon your application, more specialized variants of LMR-195 and LMR-400 cables may be required. Both of these cables are available in flame-retardant models for installation within building vertical risers or where fire retardancy is critical (especially when dealing with IFC-510 and NFPA-72 mandated ERRCS applications).

They are also available in watertight, ultra-flex, low smoke zero halogen, and plenum rated versions to meet your organizations or industries specific safety requirements. If you’re unaware of the specific type of cabling your application requires, our expert solutions engineers can help you evaluate your project scope, including things like the area to be installed, your antennas power needs, the distance to be covered, signal strength requirements, and more to help you select the optimal cable type.

Specialty LMR-195 and LMR-400 RF Cable Assemblies
Custom Cable Assembly Endpoints

Endpoints and Connectors

Along with our services for measuring, cutting, and crimping your RF cables, we naturally offer multiple endpoint options. Whether you require male, female, or reverse polarity genders and SMA, TNC, N-type, or Fakra connectors, we can affix the endpoints that perfectly match your cellular router and antenna configurations.

Our customers have the ability to specify wire gauge, length, gender, and connector types within the variables we’ve presented herein. All our cables are serialized and undergo thorough stress tests to meet our stringent standards.

Hire USAT's skilled engineering and services teams as your number one provider for all your RF cabling needs for fixed and mobile communications systems deployments.
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