Onsite Installations

Expert On-Location Device Installations


Professional installation of wireless communications systems reduces your organizations downtime and drives your IoT solution to deliver results you demand. From large scale national enterprise fleets to local public safety departments, USAT brings decades of leadership in cellular device, mobile computing, and communications systems deployment to your project.
Cellular Device Installations for IoT Applications

Your wireless communications devices and antenna assemblies can benefit from our professional deployment and installation services. At USAT, we offer expert technology installation services onsite at your locations into both fixed and mobile assets. 

Fleet Communications Installation Services

Fleet and Mobile Asset Deployments

We employ hundreds of certified and seasoned install techs across dozens of local field offices. Our on-site fleet install services are most valuable to organizations with large fleets — especially those that are housed across multiple locations. With our close cellular carrier relationships, DevProv+ suite of services, and decades of experience, you and your organization can rest assured your deployments will be completed on-time, and to your specifications.

Fixed Location IoT Communications Device Installations

Fixed Equipment and Facilities

Our clients most often utilize these install services when projects involve multiple locations that will require strategic antenna and equipment placement. We also help organizations engineer and install customized NEMA enclosures for data communications in both rural and urban outdoor environments. Just like with our mobile installations, you can trust USAT’s expert technicians to install your devices on-site, on-time, and on-spec.

Fixed Location IoT Communications Device Installations

80+ Locations Across 13 States

As a part of MCA, USAT can deploy technicians from over 80 field offices, located across 13 states, allowing us to offer our installation services over a considerable footprint. No matter your install needs, whether for mobile vehicles and assets or fixed equipment and facilities we can accommodate them. For small fleet installations you can bring your vehicles to our garages, and for larger, qualified installations, our team can come to you.


With over 80 deployment facilities located across 13 states, we can install and maintain your fixed and mobile communications systems to ensure optimal functioning in a variety of real-world applications and environments.

USAT Cellular Router Installation Services

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