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The modern consumer has their attention pulled in several directions simultaneously. In acknowledgement of this myriad of distractions retailers are changing the way they engage consumers to gain a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. Smart signage, interactive kiosks, and even traffic control applications are allowing organizations to deliver messaging when and where it will have the greatest impact. Please reach out to USAT’s team of connectivity experts to acquire the wireless communications your digital signs need to function in the modern marketplace.
Digital Signage Communications Solutions

What Types of Organizations Need The Services On This Page?

  • Food Service Chains
  • Retail Outlets
  • Shopping Malls
  • Bank Branches
  • ATM and Kiosk Operators
  • Signage Manufacturers
  • Marketing Companies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Government Agencies
  • Local Transit Agencies
  • Highway Authorites
  • Airports and Transit Hubs

In today's fast paced world, serving your clients advertisements in high traffic areas such as malls, bus stations, airports and central business districts is critical to generating revenue. Contact USAT to remotely connect to your digital signs and message boards across multiple locations.

Nationwide Connectivity for Digital Marketing Signage

Digital Advertising

Securely delivering targeted marketing messages to potential clients across the globe is of vital importance in today’s fast moving marketplaces. Utilizing rugged and reliable IoT hardware along with our Express M2M Prime secure private network, you can securely manage the content on digital billboards and signs nationwide from a single centralized on-premise location or cloud-based management platform.

Connectivity Solutions for Sales-Enabled Kiosks

Sales-Enabled Kiosks

The ability to sell items where your clients are is crucial to success in current retail operations. With creative data communications solutions you can accept payments from anywhere. Whether from a fixed, temporary, pop-up, or a mobile location, we can help make sure collecting your clients' payments is easy as possible while helping you maintain inventory levels across multiple kiosk and vending machine locations.

ATM Network Connectivity Solutions

Automated Teller Machines

The cellular networks ATM owners, operators, and manufacturers use to connect clients to highly secure banking data are constantly evolving. As a result, the communications hardware embed within and attached to these machines must evolve as well. As cellular carriers sunset 3G networks, and expand 5G ones, organizations in the financial services sector are exploring options to upgrade to 4G and beyond.

LoRaWAN Networking Solutions for Digital ePaper Signage

ePaper Signage

In the past, large hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and educational campuses would mount physical signs on doors that listed room numbers, staff names, class schedules, and more. Anytime a class schedule changed, someone would have to manually visit the effected offices and classrooms to replace the content of each sign by hand. ePaper signage and LoRaWAN® Networking are leading change.

Connectivity Solutions for Digital Wayfinders

Wayfinder Connectivity

Whether managed by a government tourism agency to help new visitors navigate your city streets and attractions, or by a retail shopping mall to help shoppers locate specific stores or restaurants, wayfinders are growing in popularity nationwide. To effectively monitor their use in real-time, and make over-the-air updates to their content, owners of wayfinder systems need reliable and secure communications solutions.

Connectivity for Digital Traffic Signage

Traffic Signage

Notifying travelers about important information en-route is a critical to maintaining efficient and safe roadways.  USAT can help you obtain and install the devices your traffic control signs and digital messaging boards need for effective and fast communication. With secure signage access being a top priority; our connectivity experts are versed in security challenges to help you maintain control over your deployed signage assets.


USAT helps your organization securely communicate with your fixed and mobile digital signage remotely and cost-effectively over public, private, and gated cellular networks

Cellular Solutions for Digital Signage Applications

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