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In recent years, many in the construction industry have leveraged our purpose-built routers, gateways, and antennas to their advantage. With enhanced cellular connectivity from the jobsite to the trailer, we help construction companies better connect, communicate, and monitor their operations to create a more productive jobsite. With recent networking innovations such as LoRa wide area networks (LoRaWan®), construction companies are benefiting by making the switch from outdated wired hardline connections to our wireless networking solutions. The equipment and devices USAT installs are cost-effective and easy to deploy. 
Construction Site Communications Solutions
Construction companies have transformed their businesses and operations with wireless connectivity to help workers perform their jobs safely and efficiently. Reach out to USAT to discover how our cutting-edge network and IoT solutions can help your enterprise thrive.
Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

Office Connectivity

The offices your construction, design, and engineering teams operate out of are more than a place where people coordinate and manage projects. Your business relies on a network of people who never put on a hard hat. Project managers, architects, engineers, and dispatchers need to get and stay connected to construction teams spread across wide geographies to ensure your clients projects are completed efficiently, cost-effectively, and on schedule. 

Jobsite Connectivity Solutions for the Construction Industry

Jobsite Connectivity

From AI surveillance cameras to seismic monitors, the number of connected devices on the jobsite has exploded over the past several years. All the IoT devices, equipment, and sensors that comprise today’s jobsite require reliable connectivity. It’s become increasingly clear to construction firms that in order to keep projects on time and under budget, they can no longer rely on dated, sluggish hardline connections. USAT has the cellular solutions they need.

Construction Site Sensor Monitoring Solutions

Sensor Monitoring

IoT sensors perform functions from monitoring seismic activity to laying the strongest concrete foundation possible. Wireless connectivity delivered by purpose-built IIoT gateways and routers is quickly replacing the slow and unreliable hardline wired connections of yesterday. With our LoRaWAN® solutions, construction firms have discovered a cost-effective way to deliver the LPWA networks they need to connect hundreds of jobsite sensors.

Pop-Up Networking Solutions for Construction Sites

Pop-Up Networking

Ideally, reliable internet connections would be well established before workers arrive on your jobsites. With construction being a fast-paced industry that depends on spur-of-the-moment solutions to solve immediate challenges, our expertise in creating instantaneous pop-up and portable networks, ensure your construction projects will never stall while waiting for a connection. Drive your project forward with USAT's portable networking solutions.

Heavy Equipment Monitoring for Construction Firms

Heavy Equipment

Your fleet of heavy machinery was a significant investment. As a part of maintaining this investment, you need to maintain the real-time communications, diagnostics, and GPS systems integrated into your earth-moving equipment. As cellular networks evolve, action may be necessary to keep your machine’s communications working. As 3G networks sunset, and 5G networks come online, it's best to examine options for upgrading to 4G and beyond.

Blast Monitoring Solutions for Construction

Blast Monitoring

Construction, demolition, and quarry firms and operators depend on controlled blasting to clear sites for new builds, restock supplies of gravel, fill, and gradient, and more. Controlled blasting must be closely monitored in order to comply with regulatory and environmental requirements. USAT’s rugged-built NEMA enclosures, routers and antennas are well suited for seismic monitoring applications within your harsh construction environments.

As an industry leader, our IoT devices, software and services are well-suited for a variety of fixed, temporary, and mobile construction and real estate industry applications.
Cellular Solutions for Construction Enterprises
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