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In today's world, providing students internet access is just as important as  giving them textbooks and pencils. Whether providing Wi-Fi access on buses or supplying cloud-managed routers for staff and students to teach and learn from home, school districts require flexible, reliable, internet access that’s easy to scale, secure, and manage from anywhere. USAT can provide the wireless connectivity solutions your school needs to bridge the digital divide — ensuring students reach their full potential.
Educational Facility Networking Solutions
USAT understands students and the schools that educate them depend on reliable access to the internet. Our connectivity solutions enable educators to provide and control that access - furthering student learning goals and objectives.
Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

School Bus Wi-Fi

With mobile 4G and 5G  routers and customized vehicle antenna assemblies from USAT, your district school buses can provide students secure access to approved learning materials, both on and around the bus. Moreover, it provides your school bus fleet managers connectivity for, and access to, services like live dash and cabin video monitoring, automatic vehicle location, vehicle telemetry data, and so much more.

Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

In-Building Connectivity

With wireless routers strategically placed throughout your school building and grounds you can provide wireless internet access to every student campus-wide. And with cloud-managed software and device management, you can monitor internet use, approve specific content, and keep students safe from potentially harmful content. Teachers and administrators can connect to shared learning content and so much more.

Private LTE Networking for Student Learning

Private LTE Networks

During the pandemic, the FCC made $7.2 billion dollars available to fund off-campus broadband applications through the Emergency Connectivity Fund to address the “homework gap” in remote learning. Many school districts took advantage of this opportunity to provide home internet access by providing in-home routers and broadband coverage to their students who lack reliable internet coverage in their homes.

Private Cellular Connectivity for eLearning

Distance Learning

For schools that have students in wide-spread geographic areas, where school bus Wi-Fi alone won't get all students connected, USAT offers solutions for the home.  Administrators can order and ship wireless routers directly to each students' household - preconfigured and ready for immediate use.  Instant home networks allow students to rapidly connect to school approved CIPA-compliant learning content.

Classroom Signage Solutions with LoRaWan Networking Devices

Classroom Signage

In the past, large schools and educational campuses would mount physical signs on doors that listed room numbers, staff names, class schedules, and more. Anytime a class schedule changed, someone would have to manually visit the effected classrooms to replace the content of each sign by hand. This is no longer necessary with solutions like ePaper signage connected via LoRaWAN networking devices.

Parallel Networking for School Security Systems

Security Networking

Security systems like cameras, door and window sensors, and more can connect seamlessly to school wireless networks to keep educational facilities, and the people they contain, safe and secure. And with parallel networking solutions, security networks can run separately from networks dedicated to students, teachers, and administrators, adding an extra layer of security and reliability to your educational facilities.


Dedicated Networks

While initially created for use by first responder agencies (police, fire, and EMS), dedicated broadband networks that provide expanded coverage and capacity over and above what public LTE networks can provide, are now available to those in the public education space as well. USAT can provide and provision devices for use on LTE networks built with student safety in mind like AT&T FirstNet™.

POTS Line Replacements for Education

POTS Replacement

Schools across the USA have utilized copper POTS lines as their primary point of connectivity with the outside world. Whether for telephone calls or internet access these lines have been your communications backbone for decades. While many have transitioned their telephones to VoIP services and fiber lines, many more are still utilizing legacy POTS lines for fire alarms, elevators, and more.


USAT offers public and private educational institutions the 4G, 5G, CBRS, and PLTE communications devices and networks schools need to effectively administrate our schools and educate our students.

School Bus Cellular and Wi-Fi Connectivity Solutions

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