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Fleet connectivity is critical to managing a host of vehicles spread over geographic areas. Whether your organization requires WiFi in mass transit applications, rapid connectivity for first responders, or service fleet database access we have the communications devices and networks you'll need to get connected. USAT offers its' clients access to secure LTE networks, sophisticated cloud management applications, and rugged vehicle routers

Mobile Routers for In-Vehicle Networking Connectivity

Benefits of Cellular Communications in Mobile Applications

  • Real-time data communication: Vehicle area networks (VAN) enable real-time communication between vehicles and their control centers, allowing for better management of fleet activities and faster response times.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: With a VAN in place vehicles can transmit I/O data about the vehicles health noting any mechanical issues before a breakdown occurs, allowing for preventive maintenance that reduces costs and downtime.
  • Improved driver safety: Cellular VAN provides essential information to drivers and allows them to communicate with their control centers in case of emergencies. It also allows for the collection of vehicle speed and telemetry data to ensure safe driving.
  • Increased productivity: With Cellular VAN, drivers can receive real-time instructions, which can improve their productivity and reduce their downtime.
  • Enhanced customer service: Cellular VAN enables organizations to provide better customer service by providing them with up-to-date information on the location and status of their vehicles.
  • Greater efficiency: Cellular VAN allows organizations to optimize routes and schedules, reducing fuel consumption and emissions while improving the overall efficiency of the fleet.
  • Increased security: With Cellular VAN, organizations can monitor the location and status of their vehicles, making it easier to detect unauthorized access or theft.
  • Scalability: You can easily scale vehicle area networks to accommodate additional vehicles or devices, making it an ideal solution for organizations with expanding fleets.
  • Simplified management: Mobile cellular gateways can be easily managed through a central dashboard, simplifying the administration of the network and reducing the need for technical expertise.

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Vehicle area networks are changing how public and private enterprises connect to their people on the road. The team at USAT is equipped to assist your organization with deploying the communication networks and devices effective fleet vehicle management requires.
Cellular Solutions for Public Bus Wi-Fi

Vehicle Wi-Fi

USAT can provide Wi-Fi solutions for commercial and governmental transit and public safety agencies. With extended vehicle area networking devices, your vehicles can provide Wi-Fi connectivity inside and outside your fleet vehicles for various public and private applications. Connecting your vehicles with wireless routers also enables access to the full capabilities of vehicle telemetry systems.


Vehicle Location

Precision GPS and telematics integrations enable a wide range of location-based applications, such as Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), asset tracking with geo-fencing, and vehicle performance data. With a secure data center, cloud connectivity and real-time data, fleet managers have a wealth of actionable data at their fingertips: saving  time and money while improving business outcomes.


Video Monitoring

Mobile 4G and 5G routers can connect Wi-Fi-enabled internal and external mobile camera systems, enabling fleet managers to monitor feeds in real-time to ensure passenger and driver safety. Along  with automatic data-dump capabilities, footage can be uploaded and stored for later use for training purposes, or as evidence for court cases, insurance inquires, and training purposes.

Bus Driver and Vehicle Data Connectivity

Vehicle Health Status

The future of fleet telematics lies with IO sensor communications. IO sensors enable vehicle health monitoring for your entire fleet. as a result, you can monitor intake valves, service indicators, tire pressure, fuel consumption, and more.  IO sensors help your organization ensure the vehicles under your watch are fit for the road.  Such information protects your drivers and the public at large.

Driver Scorecards and Safety Monitoring

Safety and Telematics

Cellular connectivity helps provide access to real-time telematics data that enables fleet vehicle safety monitoring. You can receive data regarding the speed of travel (relative to local speed limits), breaking intensity, seat-belt usage, accident detection, airbag deployment statuses, and much more. Reach out to USAT today to equip the communications devices that make safety monitoring possible.

Vehicle Area NetworksVehicle Area Networks
Reach out to the mobile network deployment specialists at USAT to help your organization overcome the challenges of deploying in-vehicle networks for real-time ocean, ground, and railway fleet communications.
Vehicle Area Networking Solutions for Public Transit and Safety Applications

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