How to Get a Virtual Phone Number? Guide

The rise of Internet technologies has led to the introduction of new opportunities. The notion of online phones appeared as the consequence of this evolution. This trend allowed companies and individuals to connect with citizens of countries from any corner of the globe without borders or obstacles.

Virtual (or online) phones are temporarily rented numbers of any state that allows users to call via the Web without the need to buy SIM cards and smartphones. They are managed through personal accounts on specialized Internet platforms that belong authorized service providers. Such numbers are frequently bought by enterprises for commercial purposes and by individuals as a substitute for roaming connections.

Popular Ways of Application of Online Connection Means

Before we explain how to get a virtual phone number, let’s find out the reasons for their popularity. The majority of buyers use these tools for one of the below-listed tasks:

Support for private extensions and IVR


It is possible to customize numbers to welcome clients during incoming calls. Your business likely requires an auto-attendant. Instead of connecting multiple phones for each employee, buying one online number for multi-channel interactions with consumers will simplify your life and business handling.


The service is available right via PCs. Many enterprises use texting as an important channel for communication with consumers. Virtual software can be used for both external connections with clients and internal interactions between the staff.

Moreover, individuals frequently buy phone number for SMS verification on Web portals to keep anonymity and prevent private data from stealing and rights infringement.

Converting voicemails into written forms

How often do you listen to your voicemails? Numerous studies show that people do not have time on listening to voicemails and neglect them. Online phone software provides services for transcribing voice messages into other forms (text, email, etc.).

Shared and individual business phone numbers

As mentioned above, virtual means of communication are a helpful tool for companies since they allow for coping with multiple tasks, including:

  • entering new markets and promoting products in new areas;
  • prompt connection with consumers;
  • convenient business management from any corner of the world;
  • an improved level of interaction with customers.

By connecting virtual means for communication, businesses cease the necessity to buy dozens of physical SIM cards for each employee. One phone can redirect calls to multiple employees and effectively allocate calls between free assistants. Additionally, this feature increases consumer loyalty toward a company.

Call recording


Sometimes, it is necessary to record calls. Recording is used for the next benefits:

  • check the politeness and competence of the staff;
  • keep proof of employee fairness and suitability;
  • record claims and improvements suggested by clients.

Recording calls allows for quick and easily resolving of any concern and dispute. By listening to a record, one can quickly find what side is responsible for certain concerns. All legal institutions tend to use call recording on the daily basis.

How to Get a Virtual Phone Number?

Now, let’s proceed to the issue of how can I get a virtual phone number. First of all, note that specialized service providers are engaged in this business. These are online websites, where temporary phones are sold. Follow the next guide to find the best provider and enjoy using virtual numbers.

1. Search for a reputable service provider

Enter the corresponding search query in a search engine, visit several websites, and compare the offered conditions. Pay particular attention to the following criteria:

  • the number of phones;
  • the serving geo (foreign numbers);
  • pricing;
  • extra terms and promos

Even if you do not need foreign phones, look through this information to create a comprehensible outlook about a provider and its reputation.

2. Register an account on the website of a selected service provider


In order to use virtual numbers, it is required to register the account on the website of a service provider since phone management is carried out via it. Fill in the form specifying the asked data. Recheck it for correctness to pass verification further.

3. Select a suitable option for connections

Now, we’re ready to explain how to have a virtual phone number. Look through the list of provided options. When choosing a suitable number, keep in mind the following parameters:

  • the service area (the phone of what country you need);
  • phone operator;
  • easiness for remembering.

It is recommended to select numbers of the most popular operator in your country to increase accessibility. Moreover, businesses usually try to pick phones where numbers are easily remembered.

4. Top up your balance

When you’re done with picking an online phone, calculate the cost. Remember that the price consists of two provisions:

  • the price of the phone;
  • the subscription fee.

Thus, look through the pricing and make sure to deposit the sum of money to pay not only for the phone but also for the subscription for the needed period.

5. Submit a purchase request

Fill in a purchase form. Specify the desired phone, the period for what you need it, and other required data. Make a payment.

When the phone is paid for and given to you, you can set it in your personal account. No gadget, SIM card, or other hardware is required for handling. Log in to configure the needed settings and activate it. Users can give and receive calls, talk via the Web, send and get SMS, and enjoy more specific functionalities of online websites.

Here’s how to get a virtual phone number to receive SMS. This software is beneficial for all categories of users. Businessmen can enlarge the spheres of their influence and enter new markets. Individuals get a convenient tool to communicate with acquaintances and relatives who live abroad. This solution is more cost-effective and convenient.