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Technology within the logistics industry has been advancing rapidly over the last decade. Fueled by wireless communications devices, these technological advances deliver reliable and secure internet connectivity for a wide area of applications. USAT has the IoT-enabled routers, attendant peripherals, and private communications networks your warehousing and freight operations need. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities our fixed and mobile cellular networking solutions provide for your fleets and facilities today.
Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

What Types of Organizations Need The Services On This Page?

  • Large Warehouses
  • Major Distribution Centers
  • Ports and Container Yards
  • Marine Logistics Companies
  • Ground Logistics Companies
  • Rail Freight Companies
  • Importers and Exporters
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)

Whether your organization is transporting consumer goods or commercial materials, real-time connections to your logistics fleets and personnel ensure on-time delivery for your clients. At USAT we can help you improve your logistics operations with latest IoT-enabled communications technologies

Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

Ground Freight

Logistics managers at national trucking firms oversee programs aimed at reducing costs and ensuring compliance with existing and new local and federal trucking regulations. To accomplish these tasks, logistics leaders need to be able to access fleet vehicle information at any time, from anywhere, in real-time. USAT has the fleet communications and connectivity solutions they need to meet those needs and more.

Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

Marine Freight

In the maritime industry, IT professionals monitor, manage, and track assets deployed across ocean freighters, container ships, and other sea vessels that sail the worlds vast oceans. Costly connectivity options like satellite are failing to keep up with the newest logistics strategies, IoT technologies, and cloud service offerings. USAT has the secure, flexible, and scalable network solutions your business needs.


Rail Freight

One of the key initiatives to achieving a safety-first culture in the rail freight industry has been compliance with mandates for railways to implement Positive Train Control (PTC). With PTC in place, connected equipment monitors and controls train movements and speeds, preventing the train from moving until on-board equipment receives a positive indication that it is safe to travel from a centralized dispatching authority. 


Warehouses and Ports

A range of enterprises are looking at Private LTE (PLTE) networks to solve their business connectivity problems - especially within large-scale distribution environments like ports and warehouses. When connected to assets in a such environments, PLTE provides a secure network with the agility required to, allow managers on-site to better utilize their workforce, equipment, resources, and space.


Asset Tracking

Companies specializing in logistics house and ship tens of millions of dollars worth of inventory ever year. Depending upon the types of inventory they store and ship, it can be necessary to track the location of individual items, pallets of items, and the vehicles and equipment used throughout their facilities and out on the road. Being able to remotely track all these assets is key to reducing theft and ensuring timely delivery.


Security Networks

Security and alerting systems for logistics environments are moving more and more towards wireless operation. While all ISP’s provide routers to their clients, these routers are consumer grade, and lack failover functionality — making them incapable of supporting high band-width applications like HD video surveillance and leaving your IP cameras, speakers, and access controls vulnerable to network outages.

USAT provides a central and secure networking communications platform to connect the broad array of logistics-focused systems deployed within your air, ground, rail, and ocean-bound fleets and facilities
Public and Private LTE for Logistics Operations

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