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Manufacturer and OEM clients leverage our Express M2M Prime private network along with industrial-grade IoT routers and antenna systems to build managed service offerings to monitor, manage and control their equipment. These new offerings enhance their end-user customer experience and bolster their sales with ongoing service revenue


The need to utilize wireless capabilities to enable and integrate portable equipment into manufacturing operations has increased drastically in recent years. From SCADA systems to asset tracking, USAT understands the importance of building advanced, industry-leveraged IoT-enabled solutions. The professional strategies USAT employs are cost-effective, low-risk, and quick to deploy.

Manufacturing Facility Networking Solutions

Organizations focused on manufacturing, value-added integration, and distribution logistics are turning to USAT to help streamline their internal and external communication networking solutions. Reach out to USAT to obtain IoT-enabled solutions that improve your organizations' bottom-line.

SCADA Connectivity for Manufacturing

Automation Systems

For over 25 years, our expertise has been the driving force behind empowering manufacturers to equip their facilities with cutting-edge wireless networks tailored for a diverse range of SCADA and IIoT applications. We take pride in offering an extensive array of industrial IoT routers, PLC-connected gateways, state-of-the-art sensors, and advanced device management applications. These solutions are meticulously designed to not only meet but exceed the unique demands of industrial network architecture.

Private LTE Networks for Manufacturing Facilities

Private LTE Networks

A range of manufacturing and production enterprises are looking at Private LTE (PLTE) networks to solve their business connectivity problems - especially within large-scale facilities with high levels of automation like factories and distribution facilities. When connected to assets, PLTE provides a secure network with the agility required to, allow managers on-site to better utilize their workforce, equipment, resources, and space with a significantly greater capacity and coverage than traditional Wi-Fi networks.

Cellular Networking for Distribution and Logistics

Distribution & Logistics

Effectively coordinating the inventory, storage, and shipment of your products across multiple locations spread across wide geographies is a massive undertaking. Distribution and logistics operations are made easier when your people, facilities, and transport vehicles are all in constant communication with one another. USAT provides the communications hardware and software that will allow your organization to monitor, track, and locate your products your distribution chain from top to bottom.

Connectivity Solutions for Manufacturing Equipment

Assets & Equipment

Manufacturing environs are moving towards extensive control and information infrastructures to automate their operations. We help you deploy wireless solutions to enable communications with stationary and portable equipment in remote locations to play a role in integrated production operations. Whether your assets are a part of a SCADA, distribution automation, or asset and fleet tracking system, USAT will help you connect your people and assets with secure and advanced cellular devices and networks.

Cellular Networking for Manufacturing Facility Security

Safety & Security

The ability to remotely monitor people, equipment, and facilities enables you to detect and deter illegal or unsafe activities in real-time from any location. Organizations with dangerous and expensive manufacturing assets need to be able to react quickly to any situations that arise, including sending mass notifications in the event of manufacturing floor accidents. For that to be possible, organizations need uninterrupted connectivity to the security and mass notification and alerting equipment they deploy.

Cellular Networking for Manufacturing Facility Security

Building Automation

Harness our advanced connectivity solutions for smart building automation, ensuring precise climate control, energy efficiency, and proactive maintenance. With real-time data analytics, our technology optimizes your ability to remotely monitor and manage temperatures, detect leaks, and reduce energy costs. Experience a seamless blend of comfort, productivity, and savings, transforming your building into an intelligent, adaptive space. Welcome to the future of building management with our innovative solutions.

As an industry leader, our IoT networking devices, software, and professional services are well-suited for a variety of manufacturing industry applications, both large and small.
Cellular Solutions for Manufacturing and Production Environments

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