Transportation Communications


Technology within the public and private transportation industries has developed quickly over the last several years. Fueled by wireless communications devices, these technological advances deliver reliable and secure internet connectivity for a wide area of applications. USAT has the IoT-enabled routers, attendant peripherals, and private communications networks your organization needs. Reach out to us to discuss the possibilities for your vehicle fleets and transit hubs today.

Cellular Networking for Transportation

Whether your organization is transports the worlds most important resource, its' people, you need real-time connections to your fleets and personnel. Contact USAT today to see how we can help improve your transportation operations with IoT-enabled communications technologies

Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

Bus Transit Agencies

Public and private bus transit agencies manage hundreds of vehicles across wide geographic regions. The success of managing these fleets depends upon reliable mobile connectivity solutions. Buses need to be able to securely collect fares, access CAD/AVL data, upload camera logs, provide passenger Wi-Fi, and more while fleet managers need visibility regarding what’s going on in the field.


Rail Transit Agencies

While rail transit operations have many of the same connectivity needs as bus transit systems (like those for passenger Wi-Fi, onboard ticket purchases, self-service kiosks, and surveillance systems), they also need connectivity for safety systems like Positive Train Control (PTC). We have the solutions they need with purpose-built and extremely rugged cellular communications devices for railway operations.


Airports and Airlines

Today’s airports are embracing new cellular solutions to improve operational intelligence. Becoming better connected improves their efficiency, allows them to offer a safer, more streamlined travel experience and helps reduce costs.  In their drive to become more efficient and increase customer loyalty, airports will need to adopt the latest networking technologies USAT has to offer.


Highway Authorities

Highway and toll road authorities need connectivity solutions for toll collection, automatic license plate readers, surveillance systems, digital traffic signage, and more. USAT has the rugged and durable cellular routers, antenna assemblies, customized NEMA enclosures, and advanced connectivity solutions they need - purpose-built for operation in outdoor environments.

Smart City and Transit Solutions for Government Agencies

DOT Solutions

State DOT officials face many operational challenges, especially as city populations continue to rise and traffic patterns become more complex. Accordingly, they must plan out ways to effectively increase the capacity and capabilities of their traffic management systems. USAT can help update legacy systems requiring on-site troubleshooting to new technologies that allow for remote real-time management.

Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

Parking Management

Car park managers need solutions that enable them to maximize the efficiency of operations for both on-street parking spaces and condensed multi-level facilities. With increasing frequency, they are in search of ways to automate gate controls, expedite payment transactions, improve visitor experiences, and enhance on-site safety. With our cellular solutions enable them to do all that and more.


Transit Security

Air, rail, and bus transit hubs are frequented by millions of passengers every single day. Your surveillance systems are a major part of what keeps those passengers and transit employees safe and secure while they travel. We provide the primary and backup cellular connectivity solutions high-density intelligent video surveillance systems require for remote access and management.


Ferry Systems

With ferries travelling miles across open bodies of water like major rivers, lakes, and bays, connectivity can lose strength as distance between onshore cell towers increases. With near-shore connectivity solutions for marine vessels from USAT, you can seamlessly provide connectivity for passenger Wi-Fi, onboard security systems, ship diagnostics data, self service kiosks and more.


Taxi Services

While rise of ridesharing apps marches on, many still depend upon organized taxi services within major metropolitan areas. Those taxis and cabs need the wireless connectivity solutions we can provide to manage electronic point of sale (EPOS) systems, digital advertising displays, and automate the offload of security footage from dash and in-cabin camera systems for driver and passenger safety.


USAT provides a central and secure networking communications platform to connect the broad array of transit-focused systems deployed in your rolling and remote assets

Cellular Solutions for Public Transit and Transportation
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