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Bus and Railway Communications


From public and private buses, to freight and passenger trains, today’s bus and rail transport systems rely on extensive communication networks to manage operations, improve safety, and extend business processes to a widely dispersed mobile workforce. Wireless data communications have resulted in improved options for vehicle control, remote equipment management, mobile worker connectivity and workforce productivity.
Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions
IoT-enabled communications are helping bus and rail industries face the increasing challenges of safety, productivity, and compliance. USAT can help you more efficiently communicate with your extensive network of physical and human resources.
Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

Bus and Rail Wi-Fi

USAT can provide your private business or public transit agency with a complete Wi-Fi solution. As an industry leader, we possess the hardware, software, and suite of services to support and accommodate all of your project needs. Reach out to start equipping your entire fleet with public Wi-Fi for passenger satisfaction and private Wi-Fi for secure wireless devices like advanced video surveillance and ticketing systems.

Bus and Rail Digital Signage

Bus and Rail Signage

Whether the digital displays your agency uses are placed within transit hubs or mounted within vehicle cabs and railcars, they require a secure and easy to use means of remote management and control. Some agencies employ a 3rd-party to manage those displays (requiring a separate connection than your video and ticket systems). No matter where they are located, or who is managing them, we get your displays connected.

Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

Bus and Rail Ticketing

Whether your looking to collect fares at fixed stations and transit hubs, or via mobile ticketing systems within your buses and rail cars, we have the solutions you need to securely and reliably connect your self-service kiosks and ticket verification systems wirelessly. Whether you need connectivity solutions for stand alone equipment, or for entire facilities, we have the devices and expertise to connect what's critical.


Railway Communications

With our advanced cellular gateways and antenna systems we provide broad coverage for real-time locomotive performance monitoring, positive train control, passenger internet access, and other connected systems throughout the USA. Additionally, our private LTE network options, provide cost effective, 24/7 access throughout railyards and large facilities across America, independent public LTE networks.


Connected School Buses

Having reliable, consistent network connectivity is considered essential for any school district. For many school districts, equipping school buses with Wi-Fi is shifting from luxury to necessity. As students increasingly rely on the Internet and cloud-based tools as part of the educational experience, bus connectivity can become an essential part of a district’s network infrastructure in several key ways.

Bus Driver and Vehicle Data Connectivity

Vehicle I/O Data

While in the old days, agencies slapped bumper stickers with a "How am I driving?" message with a contact number, today, solutions for monitoring driver behavior, and vehicle health are a bit more advanced. With vehicle area networking solutions installed within each bus, you can gain access to vehicle data like speed, acceleration, braking, tire and oil pressure readings, engine health information, and more.


With reliable, rugged, and scalable IoT-enabled communications, USAT can improve connectivity from the very first mile to the very last traveled - by road or rail.

Cellular Solutions for Public Transit and Transportation

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