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Cellular modems and gateways - when deployed correctly - are a field-proven method for connecting infrastructure assets that maintain the health of the electric grid. Utility companies nationwide tap USAT to provide highly-managed cellular gateways and routers that are appropriate for the critical infrastructure.

For the field force, “linemen of the future” are made more efficient using robust vehicle area networks that are back-hauled using 4G and 5G cellular networks. On the generation side, renewable energy sites are monitored using cellular devices connected to high-gain antennas. USAT works to help you to connect what is critical to your operations.

Electric Utility Cellular Networking Solutions
The latest cellular communications technologies make managing the diverse fixed and mobile asset portfolios of electric utility companies possible. Contact USAT to see how we'll help your organization get, and stay, connected to its' mission-critical assets and infrastructures.
Secure and Reliable SCADA Networking Solutions for Electric Utilities

SCADA Networking

Your SCADA systems can gather and send data through networked cellular devices to allow real-time monitoring of complex processes. Your carefully designed SCADA infrastructure can rely on wireless IoT-enabled gateways to connect vital data collection points, transmitting information from meters through secure networks. USAT has the intelligent cellular and LoRaWAN devices and networks your systems need.


Distribution Automation

The demand for reliable power has increased exponentially world-wide. Connecting the intelligent electronic devices and sensors on the distribution grid back to the over-arching DA, DMS, SCADA, FMSR, FLISR, Volt-VAR systems that govern their performance is now critical. USAT has the experience to guide you through the selection and deployment of intelligent network communications devices.

Connectivity Solutions for Direct Transfer Trip for Electric Utilities

Direct Transfer Trip

Utilities have used “direct transfer trip” (DTT) for many years, and DTT has always required highly reliable communications between all the components of the system. In the past, energy companies would have deployed copper telephone lines for such mission-critical communications. Since POTS line maintenance is no longer required by the FCC, many utilities are making the switch to 4G/5G cellular networks.

Fixed Electric Utility Facility Cellular Communications

Fixed Infrastructure

Running fiber lines to connect your automated water distribution systems is costly, especially in remote areas. Using reliable cellular connections lowers the cost of adding automation, reduces the time to install, and increases system flexibility. With new 5G bandwidth and latency improvements, USAT can provide and install the secure wireless communications devices your water systems need.

Field Service Vehicle Connectivity for Electric Utilities

Field Service Networks

When the lights go out and electric utilities need to restore power in an emergency (ROPE) your people need the best tools at their disposal. Your field vehicles and crew need the right information at the right time to maintain power, reliability and customer satisfaction. Our vehicle are network help improve your dispatch operations, field crew safety, and cost efficiencies across your organizations field operations.

Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

Consumption Monitoring

Solar power generation has emerged as a viable alternative energy source for many residential energy consumers. Energy companies need a way to monitor, measure, and control fully remote residential solar energy systems to provide customers with such things as system access and payback information. At USAT, we activate, sell, and install rugged cellular routers ideal for home-based consumption monitoring applications.

Cellular Networking Solutions for Wind and Solar Farms

Data Collection

Every wind farm project has a research phase in which data is collected at potential farm site to assess its suitability for wind production. Once a site is identified for evaluation, the company sends a team of wind data specialists to collect information such as wind speed, wind direction, and temperature. With USAT's remote monitoring solutions powered by cellular devices, these repeated visits become unnecessary.

Electric Utility Infrastructure Surveillance Networks

Facility Surveillance

The ability to remotely monitor your infrastructure enables you to detect and deter illegal activities in real-time. Power utilities with dangerous and expensive manufacturing assets need to be able to react quickly to any situations that arise, including sending mass notifications in the event of treatment plant accidents. For that to be possible, water utilities need the safety and security networking solutions we provide.

Cellular Networking Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

Failover Connectivity

Although most substations are adequately connected via fiber-optic links, cellular communication is a viable option for remote substations connectivity, especially within rural and hard to reach areas. In addition, some utilities’ interpretation of government policies is driving initiatives around redundant communication strategies at substations that can include cellular connectivity as an option.

Home Workforce Solutions for Electric Utilities

Remote Workforce

The pandemic disrupted the electric utility operations nationwide. In 2020, COVID-19 outbreaks required many utilities to allow employees to work from home. While many are bringing teams back to the office, many are not. Then, and now, the people that operate our nations’ utilities need temporary and permanent solutions that allow employees to securely access corporate networks from home.

The technological advancement of light and power utilities is progressing at lightning speed, with projections estimating that tens of millions of intelligent electronic devices (IED) will be connected wirelessly over the next decade. Contact USAT to discuss your public (4G/5G) and private (PLTE/CBRS) network connectivity options.
Cellular Communications Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

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