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Improving employee safety, facility security, and operational productivity are top priorities within the petroleum and natural gas industries. Low-power draw, reliable, and ruggedized communications devices, designed specifically for the petrochemical environment--and secure networks--make those improvements possible. With specialized routers and gateways from USAT, set up for secure data transmissions, you'll stay connected to your people, assets, and systems.
Oil and Gas Industry Communications Solutions

The Industrial Internet of things depends on reliable communications. Public and private LTE-based WWANs are fueling efficient operations within the oil and gas industry. USAT can deliver the connectivity your organization needs to support your mission-critical exploration, production, and distribution communication needs.

Solutions for the Oil and Gas Lifecycle

Oil and Gas Exploration Phase Communications


Whether your organization is performing geographic, geologic, or seismic site surveys, exploratory drilling, or estimating potential site production capabilities, we can get your teams connected and your data following in real-time.

Oil and Gas Appraisal Phase Communications


During the this phase where you perform appraisal drilling, economic viability assessments, and environmental impact studies, your teams need the reliable, and portable remote connectivity solutions we can provide.

Oil and Gas Development Phase Communications


While drilling wells and building facilities, roads, pipelines, terminals and more, we have the construction connectivity solutions your organization needs to safely construct pieces of remote infrastructure

Oil and Gas Production Phase Communications


Whether you're tracking the production of off-shore drilling rigs, jack pump sites, or refining facilities, we have the secure and reliable communications devices and networks your need to remotely monitor production operations.
Oil and Gas Logistics Phase Communications


Whether you need fixed long range connectivity solutions for pipeline monitoring or mobile solutions for ground, rail, and ocean transport, we have the solutions to connect the various points along your distribution and logistics chain.
Oil and Gas Decommissioning Phase Communications


The same cellular solutions used during the dev phase can be utilized during the deconstruction phase. Remotely monitor your sites, vehicles, and personnel, while collecting remediation data, removing equipment, and more.

Featured Solutions for Oil and Gas Communications


Fixed Infrastructure

Standardizing the connectivity devices used at remote production sites is a top priority for many oil and gas companies and IT executives. The devices utilized need to provide centralized cloud-accessible manageability to enable remote registration, configuration, and updates. They also needed to be easy to deploy and tough enough to operate under harsh conditions, and achieve and sustain connectivity in remote and rural locations. USAT has the C1D2 and IP-rated cellular devices and engineering experience your organization needs.

Remote Connectivity Solutions for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring

Pipelines that transport oil and liquefied natural gas are often located in remote and challenging locations. To stay connected to pipelines at various critical junctions in the field, LNGs need reliable communications devices and specialized antenna assemblies to boost signal strength within poor coverage areas. USAT works with oil and gas companies to help replace outdated 3G devices with more reliable and robust 4G and 5G solutions capable of redundancy and failover (as required by most environmental protection and regulation agencies).

Remote Networking Solutions for Oil and Gas Tank Monitoring

Oil Tank Monitoring

Oil and gas companies are deploying new solutions smart lids that allow their tank-level readings to be taken remotely - supporting well health, preventing corrosion, and allowing treatments to be added to the wells and flowlines - optimizing production. Outfitting so many relatively inactive units with radio frequency monitors had previously been cost-prohibitive due to the high levels of security and near-constant uptime required to support the equipment and the infrastructure. LoRaWAN solutions provide the solution they need.


SCADA Networking

The oil, gas, and petrochemical industry was one of the first to embrace cellular communication to instrumentation in service of their pipelines SCADA and other OT systems. In the past, many thousands of 2G modems were attached to field instrumentation equipment like flow meters, RTUs, PLCs, gas pulse counters, gas detectors, and more. Today, we're helping those same companies upgrade to Class 1 Div 2 rated 4G and 5G LTE and PLTE devices and networks, as well as connect via low-power wide area networks like Cat M1 and LoRaWAN.


Facility Security

USAT enables oil and gas companies to remotely and securely monitor their infrastructure to detect and deter illegal activities in real-time. Moreover, as worker safety is a major concern, they need to be able to alert workers of accidents, and direct them to safety. When you own and operate expensive and often dangerous refining facilities you must be able to react quickly to security breaches and send mass notifications in the event of plant accidents. For that to be possible, your company needs our safety and security networking solutions.


Near Shore Connectivity

For the near shore drilling and logistics oil and gas operations, teams of IT professionals monitor, manage, and track deep sea drilling rigs and marine fleet assets (like ocean freighters, crude oil tankers, and other sea-bound vessels) that sail our worlds vast seas and oceans. Costly connectivity options like satellite are failing to keep up with the newest logistics strategies, IIoT technologies, and cloud service offerings. USAT has the near shore communications devices and networks capable of providing the secure, flexible and scalable solutions you need.

Oil and gas operations require reliable, resilient, and purpose-built IIoT communications devices and network connections that function over vast distances and in austere conditions.
Cellular Communications Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

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