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By streamlining data communications with USAT's connectivity solutions, water utilities can more easily improve the entire production, management, and delivery of services, by allowing their water systems to be managed in a more refined and dynamic manner. USAT has an extensive offering of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices that make the remote monitoring and management of your cities water systems easier. Our advanced communications solutions empower your water and wastewater utility to expertly deliver services in the most efficient and cost-effective ways possible.
Cellular Networking Solutions for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Leading-edge data communications technologies make managing the diverse mobile and fixed asset portfolios of public and private water utilities possible. Contact USAT to see how we'll help your organization achieve the mission-critical connectivity it needs to effectively manage its' infrastructure, equipment, and personnel.
Cellular Networking for Water Lift Station Monitoring

Lift Station Monitoring

Lift and pump stations are a critical part of wastewater collection and treatment systems. Depending on the size of the communities they serve, municipal wastewater utilities may need to monitor and maintain hundreds of stations in remote locations. To ensure efficient treatment of wastewater and prevent system failures, operators need to know if remote pumps are working. Our solutions make that possible.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions for Water Facility Inafrastructure

Fixed Infrastructure

Running fiber lines to connect your automated water distribution systems is costly, especially in remote areas. Using reliable cellular connections lowers the cost of adding automation, reduces the time to install, and increases system flexibility. With new 5G bandwidth and latency improvements, USAT can provide and install the secure wireless communications devices your water systems need.

Field Service Vehicle Connectivity for Water Utilities

Water Field Services

To keep water utilities up and running, crews are often dispatched at all hours of the day and night, in all weather conditions, to remediate issues. The crews need to be able to reliably communicate with their headquarters, dispatchers, and each other while also having access to existing and incoming information that could impact how they handle a situation. Our field service vehicle connectivity solutions can help.

Water Tank Monitoring Solutions for Water Utilities

Water Tank Monitoring

The EPA issued the Ground Water Rule to improve drinking water quality and provide protection from disease-causing microorganisms. Accordingly, water utilities needed to collect data from all water tanks monthly basis to ensure all sites were in compliance. For small utilities this was a minor inconvenience, but for larger ones it required hundreds of costly site visits. For them, our remote tank monitoring solutions are key.

Surveillance Networks for Water Utilities

Water Facility Security

The ability to remotely monitor your infrastructure enables you to detect and deter illegal activities in real-time. Organizations with dangerous and expensive manufacturing assets need to be able to react quickly to any situations that arise, including sending mass notifications in the event of treatment plant accidents. For that to be possible, water utilities need the safety and security network solutions we provide.

Cellular Networking for Water Utility Infrastructure

Water Quality 

Water Quality Monitoring

The infrastructure that water and wastewater utilities rely on to minimize flooding, contamination, and other adverse consequences is becoming hard to properly maintain. Budget constraints have impeded many water utilities ability to measure the environmental harm caused by excessive rainfall. Wired and wireless IoT sensors provide the key to monitoring your water resource infrastructure.

The technological advancement of water utility operations is underway, with projections estimating that millions of intelligent electronic devices (IED) will be connected wirelessly within the next ten years. Contact USAT to discuss your public (4G/5G) and private (PLTE/CBRS) connectivity options.
Cellular Communications Solutions for Public and Private Utilities

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