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When your organization has mobile, physical, and human assets dispersed over vast distances, remote monitoring is key to managing and improving operational efficiency. The more assets and the greater the distances between them, the more critical remote monitoring becomes. With IoT-enabled communication devices and software from USAT, you can remotely monitor your organizations inner-workings at scheduled intervals, or in real-time.
NEMA Enclosure Installation by USAT

Benefits of Cellular Communications in Remote Monitoring Applications

In today's highly connected world, remote monitoring has become an essential aspect of many critical industries such as utilities, security, and fleet management. These industries rely heavily on constant monitoring of their assets and equipment to ensure they are functioning correctly and efficiently. Cellular communications have become the backbone of remote monitoring applications, offering reliable, secure, and cost-effective connectivity options. In this article, we will explore the importance of cellular communications within remote monitoring applications for critical utilities, video security, and fleet management.

  • Provides real-time data and updates from remote locations in fixed and mobile applications
  • Enables remote monitoring of critical equipment, sensors, and assets
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces truck rolls and maintenance costs
  • Enhances security and surveillance capabilities with remote video monitoring
  • Enables remote diagnostics and troubleshooting for efficient maintenance and repair
  • Increases fleet management capabilities with real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles
  • Provides faster response times to incidents and emergencies with real-time alerts and notifications
  • Increases overall situational awareness for better decision-making and operational efficiency.
Organizations with people and assets spread across cities, states, and entire countries need real-time monitoring data to effectively manage their operations. USAT can help your organization deploy secure, reliable, high-performance communications solutions to remotely monitor mission-critical assets.
Remote Connectivity Solutions for Oil and Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Sensor Networking Monitoring

Remote sensors are critical data collection points for utilities, agribusiness, and industrial operations. Organizations with hundreds to thousands of sensors flung to the four corners of the earth need reliable communications to ensure operational efficiency. Whether in rural or urban environments — USAT can help you reliably manage and communicate with your remote sensors and infrastructure regardless of their geographies in real-time.

Remotely Monitoring Fleet Vehicles and Mobile Assets

Fleet and Mobile Asset Monitoring

From small to large vehicle fleets, businesses, agencies, and governments need to know where their vehicles are at all times. Accountability is key to safely running efficient operations that require your team to pilot fleet vehicles across any distances. You need to be able to monitor vehicle location, speed, driver ID's, accidents, weather conditions, and more. USAT can provide you with the communications hardware and software that enables you to connect with your in-vehicle monitoring systems.

Remotely Monitoring Fleet Vehicles and Mobile Assets

Surveillance System Monitoring

It's becoming more and more necessary to remotely monitor job sites and other locations to deter theft and other illegal activities. Drop-in video monitoring  enables organizations to deter and detect suspicious or illegal activity in real-time from any location. Today, it's more important to be able to rapidly respond to what's happening on camera than it is to maintain historical footage. To react quickly, organizations need the uninterrupted connectivity USAT's solutions can provide.


Weatherproofed Enclosures

For remote monitoring applications in especially harsh environments, our team can custom design and build NEMA rated enclosures to house your cellular communications equipment, with high-gain antenna assemblies to ensure communications in even the worst weather conditions imaginable. For areas without power infrastructure, we can engineer external solar arrays that charge internal battery units to power your communications devices and more.

The expert team at USAT can provide your organization the cloud-based software and cellular communications devices it needs to remotely monitor its fixed and mobile operations and assets.
Remote Monitoring Solutions for Critical Utility Field Assets

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