Tactical Rapid Communications Kit

The TRaCK Box is a self-contained, ruggedized communications kit, designed to provide fast and reliable connectivity, under the best and worst conditions. The specially designed battery will power your operations for 18-48 hours. With this product, you can provide connectivity to your team with a flip of a switch.

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TRaCK Box Instant Portable Cellular Communications Kit Image Carousel
TRaCK Box Instant Portable Cellular Communications Kit Image Carousel
TRaCK Box Instant Portable Cellular Communications Kit Image Carousel
TRaCK Box Instant Portable Cellular Communications Kit Image Carousel
USAT TRaCK Box Image Carousel

Connect how, where, and when you need to. Any WAN Service can be used to connect and each box is built to meet your mission critical needs.

Customizable with multiple cellular modem options.   We also offer custom VoIP solutions to be added on to the TRaCK box.   

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The TRaCK is built to withstand the wear and tear of the toughest industries including emergency management, law enforcement, military, film, event management, and construction.

TRaCK box will fit the mobile connectivity needs of your organization.

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Keeping Communication Alive Under Demanding Conditions with TRaCK Box 


Device Highlights

4G Lte Ready Network Connectivity

4G / 5G Ready

Fast and secure LTE-A up to 2 Gbps (or 5G up to 4 Gbps) with WiFi for 100+ devices.
Back-up internet connections

Back-Up Internet

Configurable with up to 4 LAN and 1 WAN ports with Gigabit speed

Continuity Failover Solutions

WAN Failover

TRaCK can load balance or fail-over to any service - SAT, DSL, Cable, etc.

High Powered Battery for Track Box

High-Capacity Battery

Up to 48 hour runtime per charge depending on usage and configuration.

Track Box Housing is Built to Military Specifications

Rugged Built

Weather proof IP67 case enclosure that meets MILSPEC standards.

Connect VOIP and Cellular Phones to Track Box

VoIP Phones

Pair with VoIP services to provide mission critical field communications.

Carry On to Airplanes, DHS Compliant

Carry-On Compatible

Complies with TSA carry on standards, giving your connectivity a global reach.

Turn Track Box on With Single Flip of Switch

Single Switch Operation

Power up enroute to your destination with the flip of a single switch.

Multiple Applications

Police, Fire, Rescue, Military and More

The USAT TRaCK Box was made to help teams and organizations stay connected, even under the worst conditions imaginable.

  • Mobile Command Operations for Police
  • Portable Networks for Disaster Relief
  • Field Communications for Military Operations
  • Continuous Connectivity for Businesses
  • Cellular Service for Search & Rescue Operations
  • Failover Continuity for Government Offices
Track Box Assists with Hurricane Relief Efforts
Track Box Assists with Fighting Forest Fires
Firefighters Communicate with Track Box Portable Network
Track Box Assists with Connects Swat Teams
Track Box Connects Disaster Relief Workers

DevProv+ | Device Support

We'll provision your track box prior to shipment-

Device Provisioning

We'll configure your devices prior to shipment so they're ready for use.

Ongoing Track Box support with DevProv+

Ongoing Support

With DevProv+ Added, you'll receive continuous support on each device.

Test and Record Network Authentications

Modem Testing

Your devices will be live tested with network authenication and validation.

We'll help you track all your communications assets

Asset Reporting

Tracking your assets is made easier by our carrier and device asset reports.


Security Enabled

Your hardware will be security enabled with DHS recommended encryption.

We'll assemble everything you need and ship ready for use

Device Kitting

We'll bundle your devices with any accessories prior to shipment.

Store and Ship When Needed


We'll store and ship devices to locations you specify as you need them.

We'll label your devices with Static IPs

IP Labeling

Your devices can be labeled as needed with permanent fixed IP addresses.

Case Study

Harnett County Emergency Operations

When Hurricane Florence first impacted North Carolina on September 12, 2018, Harnett County experienced a force of nature with which most find themselves unable to contend. Flooding, downed trees and power lines, and other damages would have made communicating with relief teams impossible. Luckily, they had TRaCK Boxes, and with them, the ability to coordinate relief county-wide.

“Without the TRaCK Box, we would have lost the ability to coordinate emergency response missions and put the public and our responders at risk.”

Zach Sean

Emergency Management Coordinator
Harnett County

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Track Box Helps Emergency Personnel Communicate through Hurricane Florence

The TRaCK Box from USAT was engineered to help organizations stay connected in times when emergency communications are needed most.  If your organization can benefit from the TRaCK solution, please click below to fill out a brief information request to schedule a call with us today.

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