Our Process

Below we've laid out the steps we follow to provide you with complete end-to-end solutions for your M2M and IoT-enabled communication product and service needs. If you have any questions about our process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

8 Easy Steps

Step 1 | USAT Process | Discovery

Step 1 | Discovery

In the first step you request a discovery session where we learn more about your needs and challenges.

Step 2 | USAT Process | Proposal

Step 2 | Proposal

After assessing your needs we'll assemble a proposal for your review based on our consultative process.

Step 3 | USAT Process | Order

Step 3 | Order

After approving the proposal we'll get your order placed for immediate processing.

Step 4 | USAT Process | Carrier Activation

Step 4 | Activation

We work to get your devices activated on the carrier of your choosing, or on our Express M2M service.

Step 5 | USAT Process | Device Provisioning

Step 5 | Provisioning

Once we have your devices activated, we'll begin provisioning to configure them to your desired specifications.

Step 6 | USAT Process | Device Kitting

Step 6 | Kitting

If your items are paired with specific antennas or peripherals, we offer custom services to kit them based on your needs.

Step 7 | USAT Process | Order Shipping

Step 7 | Shipping

Once activated, provisioned and kitted, we'll ship your ready-to-use devices directly to the locations you specified.

Step 8 | USAT Process | DevProv+ Support Suite

Step 8 | Support

If you require ongoing device support, our DevProv+ suite of services allows ongoing US-based post-deployment support.

Request a Discovery Call

Request a Call from Our Team!

If you're interested in learning more about how USAT can help equipment your business with the M2M and IoT solutions it needs, please fill out this form to start the discovery process. One of our expert team members will reach out to you shortly to discuss your needs.

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