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Where it all began...

Back in 1996, the founders of USAT built a business at the intersection of information and operations technology. In the early days, we dedicated our time to helping organizations improve the speed and efficiency of critical data communications for human and machine assets in the field.

Since then, USAT has enabled thousands of organizations in public and private sectors to use secure wireless communications technology to improve operational metrics. Better communications keep critical systems running longer, enable faster repairs, and can save lives. These principles inspire the team at USAT every day.

NEMA Enclosure Installation by USAT

We At USAT Help Our Customers Connect What's Critical™

What we do for our customers...

USAT specializes in improving the efficiency of our clientele's mission-critical operations by implementing wireless communication solutions for data acquisition. We provide, configure, and deploy durable, secure, and field-tested intelligent network devices to fit the exacting requirements and budgets of our clients' wireless connectivity initiatives. To learn how we do, what we do, click to learn about our process.


How to work with us...

USAT’s corporate headquarters are in Chapel Hill, one corner of the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. We serve the entire USA, and, through our affiliation with the MCA family of companies, USAT has installation facilities across 13 states and over 80 locations. USAT has access to a selection of federal, regional, state and cooperative purchasing agreements. We are active in sam.gov for federal buyers. Likewise, you can engage with us through the Ariba network. USAT is a SBA-qualified SBE.

Custom NEMA Boxes for Cellular Communications
USAT Headquarters Solar Panels for Environmental Stewardship

What we do for the environment...

Our headquarters is entirely powered from solar energy. USAT is committed to preserving the earth for future generations. We practice environmental stewardship in an effort to be good citizens of the world. USAT constantly works to find new and innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We actively work to mitigate consumption, conserve resources, and recycle materials.


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