Quality Assurance

Delivering products that operate as anticipated and are manufactured to the highest quality is a priority of USAT. We work only with best-of-breed network device manufacturers that are recognized throughout North America as industry leaders committed to high performance and high security products.

USAT’s quality assurance processes operate in three different scenarios:


USAT’s DevProv+ documents the quality of each 4G and 5G device USAT provisions and programs. This paid-for service is in high demand as the pre-shipment testing is one of the most rigorous in the industry. Click here to read more about this service or to request a quote.


For bespoke cable assemblies and other items manufactured by USAT, USAT abides by our best practices, that includes visual inspections and spot tests of crimp integrity to test the equipment to ensure it is built to the defined specification and standard.

USAT Contract Vehicles

When USAT functions as a distributor of products sourced from other manufacturers and OEMs, USAT’s QA program is a pass-through of that manufacturer’s quality assurance practice. This close partnership with our manufacturing partners allows for USAT to provide their documentation, including Quality Assurance manuals, and, when applicable, ISO 9000 certificates, upon request.

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