Cradlepoint W2005 Wideband Adapter


Outdoor 5G wideband adapter designed for high-performance branch applications

  • Modem: Embedded 5G NR FR1 low-, mid-band, and 4G LTE Category 20 modem
  • Ethernet: 2 x 2.5 GbE RJ45 (LAN/WAN switchable)
  • Wi-Fi: Single band 2.4 GHz
    • Endpoint setup only
    • 2 x 2 MU-MIMO 802.11ax Wi-Fi 6
    • External 2 x 2 antennas
    • Global Safe Mode
  • Expansion / Console:
    • 1 x USB 2.0 Type A (output: 5V, 500mA, 2.5W)
    • 1 x RJ45 Console
  • GNSS / GPS: 1 x GNSS Muxed to Aux:L1, and MIMO2:L5

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Cradlepoint W2005 5G Wideband Adapter

With NetCloud Service for Branch 5G Performance Adapter Essentials + Advanced

Designed for fixed locations that require the higher performance of 5G and the flexibility of wireless, the Cradlepoint W2005-5GB is a key member of the W-Series 5G Wideband Adapter family that will usher in the next generation of Wireless WAN networking. The W-Series is designed to accommodate the diverse spectrums, multiple generations, and breadth of new technologies introduced in 5G while delivering enterprise-class standards of scalability, comprehensive management, and security.

Market Applications for the W2005:

W2005 Series | Key Features

  • Increase the size and types of your WAN use cases with 5G performance
  • Experience the dependability of dual connectivity with simultaneous 5G and 4G connections
  • Gain carrier-class connectivity using a software-defined modem and integrated multilevel test and recovery utilities
  • Deploy an enterprise-class 5G solution with greater simplicity and confidence with the wizard-based installation application
  • Manage the Cradlepoint router and 5G adapter as one entity for singular control and visibility
  • Evaluate the benefits of your 5G service with value confirmation tools built into the NetCloud Platform
  • Deploy within any existing networking or SD-WAN environment

W2005 Series | Highlights

High-Performance Wideband

The W2005-5GB 5G Wideband Adapter is purpose-built for outdoor deployment in the coverage and capacity spectrum layers. To address the tradeoff of lower propagation in the capacity layer, Cradlepoint designed the W2005-5GB to be placed on the outside of buildings for optimal signal reception.

Designed for Enterprise-Class Business

While the performance of 5G is top of mind, the W-Series was also designed with enterprise-class standards for high scalability, comprehensive management, and security. Because 5G is a collection of new spectrum, new technologies, and new network infrastructure that is rolling out over several years, the Cradlepoint 5G edge networking service and endpoints accommodate the diverse deployments of an organization with hundreds or even tens of thousands of sites.

Carrier-Class Connectivity

Although each network operator conforms to 3GPP standards, they implement those standards differently to gain optimal efficiency and performance from their network. Additionally, software from modem manufacturers is designed to serve multiple operators within broad markets. The W-Series uses a customized software-defined modem, pre-programmed endpoints, and multilevel integrity testing to predict vulnerable connections and deliver carrier-class connectivity.

5G Spectrum Solutions

The W-series portfolio supports all spectrum layers ensuring that organizations have the right solution for every location. The W2000 and W2005 support low- and mid-band layers while the W4005 supports low-, mid-, and high-band layers.

Support for a Full Range of Cellular Technologies

Cradlepoint 5G solutions support all cellular generations, from 4G LTE to Gigabit-Class LTE to 5G — with the ability to gracefully transition tens of thousands of sites between generations as technology becomes available in individual locations.

Complete Lifecycle Management

Cradlepoint 5G solutions help enterprises minimize complexity from installation to troubleshooting with tools and features such as the mobile installation application, the captive modem feature, 5G tools demonstrate 5G service value, and Out-of-Band Management.

Intelligent Hybrid WAN Connectivity

Cradlepoint 5G solutions deliver effortless wireless endpoint management in a “wired-first SD-WAN” environment and provides all-in-one capabilities (routing, embedded wireless, and foundational SD-WAN) in a “wireless-first SD-WAN” deployment.

What’s in the Box:

  • W2005-5GB Outdoor 5G Wideband Adapter
    • 802.3bt 90 W PoE Injector
    • Cellular antenna, outdoor 5G Low/Mid Band with N type connector (Qty. 4)
    • Outdoor mounting plate
    • Pole mount clamp
    • Plate to assembly mounting screws & washers
    • Plate to W2005 mounting screws
Support & Warranty

The W-Series Adapters are only sold as components of Branch 5G Adapter Essentials + Advanced Packages.

  • NetCloud Packages include support for the full subscription term.
  • All Cradlepoint hardware products are covered by a limited lifetime warranty for as long as they have a subscription license to an active NetCloud Service Plan.

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