The Benefits of Digi WAN Bonding

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The world’s growing reliance on technology for communication, commerce, and collaboration requires a dependable and secure network connection for businesses and organizations of all sizes to stay competitive in the digital age. WAN bonding, a technology combining multiple wide area network (WAN) connections into a single… Read More…

Solar powered cellular video surveillance for utilities

Solar Enables Remote Surveillance for Utilities

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Large public utilities serving millions of people across large geographic areas have to find a way to remotely monitor their equipment for a wide range of reasons, from detecting security breaches and preventing theft to monitoring weather conditions that may damage equipment. This can be challenging for utilities that service rural areas since they often need…. Read More…

Solar Powered Gateways Enable Truly Wireless Communications

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We are fielding more and more calls from clients looking to have wireless devices be truly wireless. Data goes over the air; we have that part nailed. However, the electricity to power the device comes from a wire stretched to a transformer through the transmission and distribution plant of the electric utility—power is hardwired and dependent on the “grid”… Read More…