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USAT has an extensive offering of Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices that make monitoring and connectivity breakthroughs in the medical field possible. Reach out to us today to capitalize on the potential that increased connectivity has to offer towards improved patient health and safety. Our advanced communications solutions empower your healthcare personnel to effectively deliver expert patient care.
Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

What Types of Organizations Need The Services On This Page?

  • Major Hospitals
  • Medical Centers
  • Dental Offices
  • Chiropractic Facilities
  • Wellness Centers
  • EMS Departments
  • Mobile Care Providers
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Telehealth Providers
The need to move people and equipment to ensure critical patient care is a vital part of efficient and effective healthcare operations. USAT can help make sure your critical assets and people stay connected with our healthcare communication solutions.
Healthcare Vehicle Networking Solutions

EMS Vehicle Networks

It is critical that EMT’s to be able to quickly and securely receive patient information in the field and send information back to the hospital. EMT's need to access electronic patient care records (EPCR) in real-time to better treat individuals in emergency situations and doctors in hospitals need to know the patient condition prior to their arrival. Our mobile networking solutions make that and so much more possible.

Healthcare Facility Networking Solutions

In-Building Networks

Healthcare providers need to stay in constant communication with the people and informational databases that work in concert to save lives. With the availability of Private LTE and CBRS networks, cellular distributed antenna systems, and 4G and 5G branch networking devices, USAT can provide the communications solutions to ensure your people stay connected in both rural and urban environments.

Mobile Healthcare Clinic Connectivity Solutions

Mobile Medical Clinics

Mobile clinics are more likely to suffer poor connectivity than your fixed medical offices. As they move from location to location, they can travel in and out of service areas. With our mobile networking solutions, your clinics on wheels can get and stay connected with powerful mobile antenna assemblies and routers capable of connecting to whichever mobile networks are available in the areas you serve.

Healthcare Continuity with Network Failover to Cellular

Healthcare Failover

With the technologies medical facilities utilize to save lives continually advancing, network downtime can be disastrous. Reliable 24/7/365 connectivity is more important than ever before, especially for organizations that leverage cloud-based applications requiring internet access. Our failover solutions let you focus on the core mission of improving patient outcomes instead of managing your network.

Networking for Pop-Up Healthcare Facilities

Pop-Up Networking

With viruses constantly inundating emergency rooms, urgent care facilities, and doctors’ offices, finding available beds can be difficult. Whether your handling patients who either have the virus, think they have the virus, or are already in need of critical care, sometimes hospitals need to extend care to temporary facilities to handle the overflow. Our pop-up networking solutions help ensure the consistency of care.

healthcare security networking solutions

Security Networking

In hospitals, separating highly sensitive patient information from other systems is vital to ensuring patient confidentiality. When 3rd-party vendors need system access, your best solution is to establish parallel networks, especially for surveillance, access control, and mass notification systems.  USAT can equip you with the network devices you need to achieve this added layer of data security.

First Responder Networks for Healthcare Facilities

Dedicated Networks

While initially available to only first responder agencies, dedicated broadband networks that provide expanded coverage and capacity over and above what public LTE networks can provide, are now available to those in the medical industries as well. USAT can provide and provision devices for use on LTE networks built with live saving work in mind like FirstNet, Verizon Frontline, and T-Mobile Heroes.

Medical Tablet Connectivity and Management

Tablet Management

Healthcare centers are increasingly relying smart devices to deliver excellent patient care. Collecting patient data on paper and placing computer stations within all hospital rooms are becoming outdated practices. Today, doctors and nurses need to access patient records in real-time, while stationary or on the go, and are doing so with smart devices. Those devices need to be managed, and we can help.

Remote Vaccine Monitoring Solutions

Vaccine Monitoring

Medical facilities across the USA have been reaching out to USAT to help further their efforts to fight the coronavirus. After helping network dozens of mobile and pop-up facilities, a new challenge arose. Many vaccines were going bad before medical technicians could use them. Facilities needed a solution to remotely monitor portable refrigeration units. Just as before, we were eager to help.

Networking Solutions for Telehealth


Telehealth has evolved into a major industry all its own. Congress appropriated millions of dollars in funding through the CARES act to help aid telemedicine initiatives nationwide. Whether you need devices for in-office connectivity or for care providers working from home, the team at USAT has the connectivity solutions and networking devices you need to more effectively manage your telehealth programs.

POTS Line Replacements for Healthcare

POTS Replacement

Hospitals across the USA have depended upon copper POTS lines as their primary point of connectivity with the outside world. Whether for telephone calls or internet access these lines have been your communications backbone for decades. While many have transitioned their telephones to VoIP services and internet to fiber lines, many more are still utilizing legacy POTS lines for fire alarms, elevators, and more.

USAT will work with your medical organization to ensure your healthcare assets are connected to mission-critical systems and networks with expert communication solutions.
Cellular Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

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