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With capacity and coverage requirements increasing everyday, having a reliable and consistent wireless connection is more important than ever. As the number of connected devices surge, and as enterprises require greater bandwidth to support operations, having a dependable wireless connection is a necessity. private and semi-private networking solutions from USAT improve security and reliability.
USAT Private Networking Solutions | Motorola Nitro
USAT Private Networking Solutions | Express M2M
Nitro PLTE from Motorola Solutions only needs an internet connection to activate, allowing you to deploy, configure, and manage a private cellular network in record time.

What is Motorola Nitro™ PLTE?

Motorola Nitro is a private cellular network that delivers 2X the capacity and 4X the range of traditional Wi-Fi. Leveraging the versatility of the Citizens Broadband Radio (CBRS) spectrum, Nitro delivers seamless and private end-to-end voice, video, and data—whether you need coverage across your facilities or across the country.

With the ability to handle enormous loads of traffic, Nitro has the ability to connect thousands of devices on one secure platform, providing a low-latency, resilient connection to end users.

Popular Applications for Private LTE

Building Automation Communications from USAT

Connected Workforce

Nitro offers enterprises a way to connect their workforce on one end-to-end network - especially suited for remote or high-security facilities. Nitro ensures workforce safety and productivity.

Security Communications for Retail Operations

Connected I/O Assets

From intelligent traffic sensors for public safety and transit  to point-of-sale operations and video displays for retail, Nitro securely connects all your assets, enabling them to “speak” to each other and you.

Digital Signage Communications for Branch Locations

Connected Equipment

Across vast geographic planes and in distant locations, Motorola Nitro enables the remote operation and control of vehicles and equipment in the harshest and most dangerous of environments.


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PLTE Devices for Operation on Nitro Networks


Cradlepoint R500-PLTE

The Cradlepoint R500-PLTE Router is a compact, rugged, low-priced router that meets the performance requirements of private cellular networks.


AirLink RV55 CBRS

The AirLink RV55 CBRS Router is specifically designed to connect critical infrastructure, remote assets, and vehicles over a private broadband network like Nitro.


Digi EX15 Extender

Digi EX15 Cellular Extenders prevents failover and enhances connectivity for retailers and other enterprises operating on a private cellular network.


Express M2M™ cellular data plans available from USAT are ideal for your variable and seasonal data connectivity needs in a variety of industrial use cases and applications.

What is Express M2M™?

For organizations seeking a cost-effective alternative to PLTE, USAT offers Express M2M gated networks. Available on both partially-gated and fully-gated cellular networks, Express M2M is not suited to high-bandwidth applications (i.e. video monitoring and voice communication), but is extremely useful for monitoring and regulating the data in machine sensors, among other applications. For those who want the security of PLTE and don’t have high bandwidth needs, purchasing a gated network from Express M2M is a great option. Visit to learn more.

The benefits of Express M2M over Private LTE are:

  • Wide area instead of fixed location-based networks
  • Wider availability of compatible cellular gateways
  • Generally lower costs

The benefits of Express M2M over Public LTE are:

  • No long-term contracts required
  • Adjustable data capacity based on actual usage
  • Allows for instantly adding additional cellular lines

Industrial Applications for Gated Networks

PLTE for Agriculture


GSI grain dryers and other seasonal agriculture machinery come with sensors that monitor and control their operation. Agricultural enterprises utilize gated networks for equipment monitoring when needed, and suspend them when not.

PLTE for Oil and Gas Utilities


For many utilities applications, private LTE networks can be overkill. If your SCADA system, like most, consists of sensors that don’t consume a large amount of data, gated networks are a cost-effective remote monitoring solution.

PLTE for Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signs need to be transportable. Gated networks offer organizations with digital signage the wireless connectivity they require, combined with the ability to remotely monitor and control their assets from any location.


Learn how organizations are making use of Express M2M gated and semi-gated networks.


USAT furnishes the private cellular networks that today’s modern organizations need to compete and thrive. With either Motorola Nitro as a solution, or Express M2M as a service, USAT supports private business connectivity with increased capacity, reliability, flexibility, and security.
Private LTE Solutions from USAT, Cradlepoint, and Motorola Solutions

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