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The 700 MHz Band is a critical spectrum in public safety communications. Designated by Congress as a public safety spectrum unavailable to commercial operators, the so-called D-Block band (758-763 MHz and 788-793 MHz) has excellent properties for first responder communications. 700 MHz signals easily penetrate buildings and walls and cover large geographic areas. USAT is a licensed dealer of all three of the major first responder network platforms: AT&T FirstNet, Verizon Frontline, and T-Mobile's Connected Heroes program.
AT&T FirstNet for First Responders
Verizon Frontline for First Responders
T-Mobile Connecting Heroes for First Responders

Our nations first responders need dedicated broadband communications networks that provide expanded coverage and capacity over and above what standard public cellular networks are capable of providing.

What is AT&T FirstNet Public Safety Network?

FirstNet is a wireless broadband communications platform offering nationwide coverage to  first responders and public safety agencies. It delivers a reliable signal in the 700 MHz band, ensuring that those in public safety better protect their communities and themselves.

USAT is an authorized FirstNet dealer, with FirstNet Ready Devices™ that greatly enhance wireless communication for data acquisition for first responders engaged in mission-critical operations.

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Certified FirstNet Ready® Devices


AirLink MP70 LTE-A Pro

The AirLink MP70 is a high-performance router precisely designed for mobile mission-critical public safety communications.


Digi TX64 LTE-A Pro

Digi TX64 is a dual cellular router (LTE-A and LTE-A Pro) optimized for mobile communications on a dedicated public safety network.


Cradlepoint R1900 5G

Developed specifically for vehicle deployments, the Cradlepoint R1900 Router offers a 5G platform, ideal for first responder networks.

Through long standing partnerships with major cellular carriers, USAT can provide and provision cellular devices for use on networks purpose-built with public safety communications as their sole purpose.

What is Verizon Frontline?

Verizon Frontline is an advanced network custom-built to address the needs and safety of first responders and the public they serve. Verizon developed Frontline following decades of partnering with public safety agencies to provide the best in mission-critical communications.

Similar to FirstNet, USAT is a licensed Version Frontline dealer, with an extensive catalog of branch and vehicle routers especially developed for public safety networks such as Frontline.

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Certified Verizon Frontline Devices


AirLink XR80 5G

The AirLink XR80 Router offers flexible configurations for mission-critical 5G communications in public safety - capable of supporting mobile, branch, and IoT applications.


Digi EX50 5G Extender

Upgradeable Digi Core plug-in LTE modems enable users to select speeds for their specific needs, including the LTE-Advanced Pro Cat 18 for mission-critical operations in public safety.


Cradlepoint E3000 5G

Developed to accelerate connectivity at geographically distributed locations, the Cradlepoint E3000 is the ideal enterprise router for multi-station public safety applications.


All our carrier partners dedicated public safety networks and program initiatives  provide first responders with communications priority, preemption, and expanded coverage over and above standard public channels.

What is T-Mobile Connecting Heroes?

T-Mobile for Government's "Connecting Heroes Initiative" gives wireless priority service (WPS) and preemption to enrolled public safety agencies and first responders, granting them the communication access they need in an emergency.

USAT is a licensed provider of T-Mobile WPS solutions for public safety, with a range of devices designed to meet the needs of our community heroes.

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T-Mobile WPS Certified Devices


AirLink MG90 5G

The AirLink MG90 is a top-class mobile multi-networking router built to ensure always-on connectivity for first responder vehicles.


Digi TX54 LTE-A Pro

The TX54's versatility makes it ideal for mission-critical applications requiring continuous connectivity, field longevity, and edge computing.


Cradlepoint L950 Adapter

Cradlepoint’s L950 Branch LTE Adapter offers public safety agencies a device to efficiently provide cellular failover at any branch office.


Contact the team at USAT to expertly assist with public safety device selection, configuration, activation, deployment,  and on-site vehicle installations.

List of FirstNet Ready Devices for Cellular Communications

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